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they dont

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Do painted lady butterflies sting?


How many painted lady butterflies are there?


How long do painted lady butterflies take to turn from caterpillars to butterflies?

About A Week

What eats painted lady butterflies?

a turtle can eat it

Are painted lady butterflies close to extinction?

yes they are

Are painted lady butterflies poisonous?

No They are not Answered by RIdhi Beeram

Do painted lady butterflies only drink nectar?


How much do painted lady butterflies weigh?

15 grammes

Do painted lady butterflies bite?

No, no species of Butterfly will bite you.

Does a painted lady butterfly have teeth?

No, butterflies do not have any teeth.

A painted lady and red admiral and monarch are all species of what?


What does a painted lady breaths through?

butterflies breath though their legs

Are painted lady butterflies cold blooded?

Insects are cold blooded.

How big can a painted lady butterfly get?

Painted Ladies are medium-sized butterflies, with a wingspan of two inches.

What kinds of flowers do painted lady butterflies like?

painted Lady's like red or purple flowers.

Where do painted lady butterflies live?

Every continent except Antarctica. They are one of the most widespread butterflies on the planet.

Why are your painted lady butterflies pushing their thorax together?

they are probably fertilizing the eggs.

What is painted lady butterflies food made of?

Painted lady butterflies (all butterflies) food can be a sugar and water solution placed in a small cup with a roll of clean cloth in the solution and half overhanging the lip of the cup to act as a wick. Also, a cut orange or watermellon is good.

Different types of butterflies?

Butterflies come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some types of butterflies include Monarch, Buckeye, Viceroy, and Painted Lady.

What part of North America do painted lady butterflies live?

California, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Why don't painted lady butterflies move when are first out of cocoons?

Because they are doing their makeup!

How long should you wait to let your painted lady butterflies go?

Until the wings have straightened out and the butterflies can fly. They can fend for themselves then. ^^

How fast can a painted lady butterfly fly?

The Painted Lady Butterfly can fly up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. These butterflies migrate from Africa to Europe every summer.

How do you determine the sex of a painted lady butterfly?

The male and female Painted Lady Butterflies are very similar. The only really noticeable differences are the male Painted Ladies have smaller abdomens than females and males are more colorful.

What butterfly mimics a painted lady butterfly?

Painted ladies are not poisonous, so nothing mimics them. They are similar in pattern to may other butterflies though.

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