How do pandas live on bamboo?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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They main meal is bamboo but I don't think so that they are living on bamboo. They like to lie or rocks or grass but I haven't heard of panda's living on the bamboo

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Q: How do pandas live on bamboo?
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Why does panda live in china?

Pandas live in China because there is bamboo in China. Pandas eat bamboo.

Why do pandas live with bamboo?

Because they eat bamboo.

Why don't pandas live in the jungle?

It's because pandas need bamboo to live so they need to be around bamboo

What is the panda shelter?

Pandas get their shelter usually where they live. In the bamboo forest they make their home out of bamboo

What homes do pandas live in?

pandas live in trees or in caves in the bamboo Forest

What do pandas eat and where do they live?

Giant pandas eat almost only bamboo, and live in mountainous bamboo forests in China. Red Pandas have another diet.

In what do pandas live?

Bamboo forests.

Do pandas live in ponds?

No, they live in bamboo forests.

Where does pandas live in china?

in bamboo forests

What is the community where pandas live?

bamboo forest's

Do pandas live in the bamboo forests?


Where in the world do endangered pandas live?

Giant pandas live in bamboo forests of central China.