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the atoms move much slower than in liquids, gases, and plasmas.

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How do particles behave in solid?

how do particles behave in a solid state

How do particles behave in a solid?

particles in a solid are compressed together, and vibrating.

How do the particles behave in a solid?

The particles are tightly linked together.

How do the particles of solid behave?

They are still be cause there isn't any activity going on inside the solid

How do the particle in matter behave when a solid turns into a liquid?

The particles are "released" from their 'crystal' state, and the particles move much faster and more freely. ~me

How do solid and liquids behave differently?

because of their particles solids the particles are packed close together so that they hardly to move . an liquids the particles move around a little

How do the particles behave in a liquid?

particles behave in a liquid by brownian movement

How is freezing changes of state and explain how particles behave in each state?

Freezing is a change of state because it is going from a liquid to a solid. In a solid state the particles move slowly, in a liquid state the particles move a little bit more, and in a gaseous state the particles move fast.

Why does water behave unusually in terms of expansion?

the water particles or molecules line up to become a solid which causes it to expand

Describe freezing as a change of state and explain how particles behave in each state?

The temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid is freezing point and when a solid is turned into a gas it is called sublimation. For a liquid to freeze the attractions between the particles must overcome their motion.So,Freezing; a liquid to a solid.Sublimation; when a solid becomes a gas.About Particles; they must overcome their motion

How do particles behave when melting?

The particles are moving rapidly

Is jam a liquid or a solid?

no jam is a solid because it is a solid Jam is often considered to be a 'suspension' - a state in which particles of a substance and mixed with a fluid but undissolved. Also, the word 'gel' applies in which particles of fruit are dispersed in a liquid medium which has become viscous enough to behave more or less like a solid

Describe sublimation as a change of state and explain how particles behave in each state?

Sublimation is the change from solid to gas without going through the liquid phase. In the solid phase (such as ice) the particles are bonded to each other, in the gas phase the particles are not tightly bound to each other (such as water vapor).

How do air particles behave when under pressure?

The air particles are behave like collidel particles because they collide with each other and form a high weight of air.

Does atoms behave like particles in the quantum mechanical model?

Not necessarily, particles behave like waves in the quantum mechanical world.

How does the particles of a liquid behave when heated?

When heated enough, they behave like a gas.

How do particles behave when freezing?

when freezing, particles moves slow with out stopping.

Are particles far apart in a solid?

no but the particles in a solid vibrate

Can solid particles move?

solid particles cannot move.

What do the particles of a solid do?

Particles in a solid vibrate in place.

Why liquid particles did not join to the solid particle?

liquid particles do not join the solid particles because the particles of solid are very tightly packed but this is not in the case of liquid

How do molecules of solid behave?

A solid has generally a crystalline structure.

How do particles in a solid state move?

The particles in a solid vibrate in place.

How are the particles of a liquid different from the particles of a solid?

The particles of a solid are close together and the particles of a liquid are slightly farther apart.

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