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How do particles move?

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Some materials move by diffusion. Diffusion is the process in which molecules spread out, or move from areas where there are many molecules, to areas where there are fewer of them. == It depends on the particles. Brownian motion is what causes very small particles to move in a fluid. On a smaller scale, osmotic pressure, ionic gradient and some others.

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Particles in a solid don't move at all, particles in a liquid move, particles in a gas move quickly

Particles move faster when they are heated.

The particles in liquid move freely.

solid particles cannot move.

Particles in a liquid move randomly.

Particles do not move faster in a vacuum. Particles move faster when the temperature increases.

When there is higher temperatures the particles move faster, when there are lower temperatures the particles move slower

the particles that move the most is sugar

No. Gas particles move much faster than solid particles.

Gas particles move very fast because the particles are separated and have enough space to move around.

In the solids the particles are stuck together and can't move over each other.In the liquid the particles have small spaces to move in and move but not easily.In the gas the gas the particles have a lot of space to move in and move easily everywhere.

the particles in liquid move around slowly in the liquid

Gas particles move rapidly and randomly.

If the object is completely solid the particles don't move

Particles in a gas are not connected and move freely.

Yes in a way but scientifically solid particles don't move at all gas particles actually move really fast

Yes. The colder the substance become, the slower the particles move. Actually in pure ice the particles do not move at all.

Particles can move or slide past one another in liquids. In solids, particles can barely move due to constricted space.

Heat energy makes the particles in matter move faster. The more heat, the faster the particles move.

During Diffusion the particles move very slow.

Do particles in a liquid move at the same pace as what?

the particles in gases move very, very fast

yes heated particles move faster - a person

do particles move faster as a liquid or a gas

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