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Q: How do particles move in a balloon?
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What happens to the speed of the particles inside an air-filled balloon if the temperature of the balloon increases?

They move faster.Particles on the outside of the balloon are slower.The particles will move faster due to an increase in their kinetic energy.

What happends if you leave a balloon in the sun?

When you leave a balloon in the sun, it pops. this is caused by the particles inside the balloon absorbing energy from the sun, speeding up, and spreading farther apart. When the particles move farther apart, the volume increases and causes the balloon to pop.

How does heat affect the particles in a balloon?

when a balloon is filled up with air and then heated. remember that the particles of air are free to move. so when it is heated the particles will gain more energy and they stars to move faster. when there is too much energy between the particles they escape by popping the balloon. the more heat the more faster the particles move. it wil be the same process if the ballon is filled up with water and then heated.(water and air particles are heated up by convection currents.) if you heat just a ballon then the ballon will melt because of the property of the meterial it is made of. hope i helped:)

What negatively charged particles move easily through materials?

An insulator

If you heat a ballo on do the gas particles move faster or slower?

The gas particles would move faster, by heating them up you are giving them more energy. This would also cause the balloon to expand

Why does a balloon full of air get bigger when put in a hot oven?

Because when the particles move faster then you see it expanding.

Where are the particles of helium farthest apart in a tank or in a balloon?

The particles of helium are farthest apart in a balloon.

What happens as the temperature of a gas in a balloon increase?

The balloon expands or even pops. Because when a gas gains heat energy the particles in it move faster and further apart creating a greater force on the inside of the balloon until the balloon cannot contain that force.

How the air particles exert a pressure on the inside of the balloon?

Particles in gases, like the gas inside the balloon, move around a lot, fill up their container and collide a lot, both with each other and the walls of the container (ie - the balloon). Pressure is just how many collisions there are. So high pressure is when the particles collide with the walls of the container loads, and low pressure is when they don't collide with it very much. So the gaseous particles collide with the inside of the balloon, creating pressure. Hope that helps :)

Why do the sides of the balloon expand when you blow into it?

more gas particles increases the pressure inside the balloon expanding it, since gas particles hit the inside of the balloon.

What about behavior of gas particles allows you to blow up a balloon?

When the gas particles hit the walls they blow up a balloon

What about the behavior of gas particles allows you to blow up balloon?

When the gas particles hit the walls they blow up a balloon