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Most people who are reported to be "possessed" are actually suffering from different mental conditions. Sometimes schizophrenia can cause a person to see things that aren't there, hear voices that tell him/her to do things that would seem unreasonable to the "normal" population and ramble on about his/her imagined world using terms and words that make no sense to the rest of us. Often this behavior becomes violent because the victim believes that some of these imagined entities are trying to harm him/her. When this occurs the individual is often classified as "Paranoid Schizophrenic". In a superstitious, overly religious environment, such a person might be called "possessed", when actually the victim is in need of medication. There are several valuable treatments for schizophrenia. They are quite successful but they involve medical science, not religious fanaticism.

"Being possessed by the devil," was an expression used to refer to people who consistently do things that are bad. This expression is much out of date, and is very seldom used today.


There are varying degrees of demonic "possession or oppression". It is brought on by different things.

Biblicaly these are:

1. Generational Curses

2. Inherited traits

3. Involvement with sin

4. A person will open doorways that allows these events.

Being involved in such things a witchcraft, Satanism, Fornication, Adultery will invite demonic beings in. It does not always happen, but does often enough. Satan was called Beelzebub, it means "Lord of the Flies, or Lord of the Dunghill". By their personal sins, men and women draw these fallen angels much like a pile of dung draws flies, their acts are unclean and filthy.

Almost all sin in an open doorway for entry of demonic beings. The degree of sin is often in relationship to what you get. "Small sins" such as lying may be grounds for entrance of smaller weaker beings, where such things as murder/abortion or out right witchcraft and Satanism will open much bigger doorways in someone's life.

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The early Christians believed that evil spirits or demons often entered humans. In fact they believed that mental illness and even sicknesses were caused by possession by evil spirits. We now know conclusively that mental illnesses and unusual behaviour are not caused by spirits. However, belief in possession by evil spirits has not entirely died out, and a few people sometimes still take part in "exorcisms" to drive out evil spirits.

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Q: How do people become possessed by a devil?
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Become possessed, seemingly by the devil.

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How do you help someone is possessed by the devil?

There are no scientific reports of anyone possessed by a devil. If you think someone is possessed please get them psychiatric help.

What did muhammad do after the angel had spoke to him?

Mohammed claimed in the haddith that he was possessed some of the time by God and other times possessed by the devil. He must have been possessed by the devil when he told people to kill others in the later part of the koran.It is the only explanation because it is wrong to kill people.

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There is no way to become a demon unless you are possessed by the devil himself(I suggest you do not get ideas...) but still that will not turn you into a demon.

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she got possessed by the devil Actually it wasn't the Devil..she was possessed by a Demon named PAZUZU (see the sequel for this information)

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The "possessed" people in the movie are not possessed in the classic sense -- by the devil or demons. Instead, they are under the control of God, and were sent by God to destroy all of humanity.

What did British people believe about witches in the 17th century eg. evil and superstitous?

British people in the 17th century sometimes held the superstitious beliefs that someone could become possessed by the devil. They did not believe that these people were responsible for their actions. Those who made a pact with the devil however were considered to be evil and witches.

Does the devil posses people?

It is rare that Beelzebub possesses a person. Typically it is 1 of Satan's minions, another demon. ย I see I see there is another answer that indicates there has never been a person possessed by the devil. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing man he didn't exist. I would warn that man who doesn't believe in the Antichrist to watch his ignorance, for Satan lies possessing ignorant people. And God will not protect those who are ignorant.

The devil possessed a girl what does it mean?

I think it wanted to let people know it was here and it wanted to do harm.

Do excorcisms still happen now?

Indeed. Even today people are still believed to be possessed by the devil and his minions. These people seek exorcism.

Bible called epilepsy sick people demonic?

Yes they did call people with epilepsy possessed with demon. As we must know that medicine had not advanced as today. And as they could not give a good explanation, the easiest would be devil possessed. The above answer is incorrect. There was distinctions made between people that were sick and demonic possessed. There was also distinctions made between those that were lunatic and demon possessed.

Why do you dream you are being possessed by the Devil?

Dreaming of being possessed by the Devil suggests that the dreamer feels guilty about something, or perhaps is ashamed of having lustful or angry feelings. If a person has done something wrong, blaming the Devil can relieve feelings of guilt. By dreaming of being possessed, the dreamer's mind places fault for those feelings or actions on the Devil rather than on oneself.

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it means that you were having a nightmare

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