How do people dig up coal?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Using a shovel and a sifter?

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Q: How do people dig up coal?
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What were Jack's and Praiseworthy's job on the ship?

To dig up coal

People that dig gold and silver work in where?

People who dig gold and silver are miners.

What men dig for and it rhymes with pole?


Who is they person who dig the coal from the earth?

coal miner

Is coal a nonrenewable energy source?

Of course. When you use it, you can't make more of it, you have to dig it up. And once you dig some up, you can't get any more of it out of the same place, you have to dig in a different place.

How is Coal captured?

Coal is captured through the process of mining, either through surface mining or underground mining methods. In surface mining, machinery is used to remove layers of earth and extract the coal below. In underground mining, tunnels and shafts are created to access the coal seams. Once extracted, the coal is processed and transported for various uses.

What do colliers need to dig up coal?

Basic tools such as picks and shovels. Though, nowadays, a lot of coal mining is done mechanically, with machines ripping out the coal if the coal face is thick enough.

What are people who dig up old fossils or bones?


Does coal have a positive impact on people?

coal dose have a impact because we use coal for machines and by digging up coal people have jobs

Where can you get coal in the Minecraft Pocket Edition?

dig underground

How coal is recovered from the ground?

They use mines and dig for it.

How was coal removed from the earth?

The miners would dig a hole and put any mining tools they needed to get the coal out. but no not all the coal was removed.