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People should not interact with koalas if it is avoidable. This is due to the fact that koalas can be very aggressive towards humans.

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When did people start using koala fur?

People use koala fur? O.o

How do spiders interact with people?

spiders interact with humans by biting people.

How do people interact?

People interact by talking tl each other

How do people in Bolivia interact with the environment?

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How are mountain people interact with other people?

The same way that other people interact with other people.

Is it legal for people in Washington to own a koala?

No. It is not legal for anyone, anywhere, to own a koala as a pet.

Is a koala harmful or helpful to people?

it is not harmful

Do people affect the habitat of a koala?


How do people in Guam interact with the brown tree snake?

how do people interact with brown tree snakes?

Are koala bears good to have in a zoo?

Koalas are not bears. They are marsupials with very specialised needs, feeding on the leaves of only a selected number of eucalyptus species. The zoo would have to ensure staff understood the unique needs of this animal. Koalas sleep for 16-20 hours a day. If people who visit the zoo wish to see animals with which they can interact, they will be disappointed by the koala. The koala is a beautiful creature with soft, thick fur, but it is not really "personable".

What kind of animal is a koala?

A koala is a marsupual, and native to Australia. It is not a bear, despite the fact that many people erroneously refer to it as a Koala bear". Bears are plac ental mammals.

How do humans interact in the hawaiian island?

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Who did blacksmith interact with?

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Do Iran people interact with the environment?

they can interact with their environment, but only if they are religious people or actually care about their environment.

Are Koala friendly?

A koala is more sleepy than friendly. They are generally nervous around people unless they have been trained.

How do cultures view the koala bears?

Judging by the tendency of many people to call these animals "koala bears", it would seem that many cultures erroneously view the koala as a bear, not a marsupial.

Are they people helping the koala from being extinct?

no this will not answer your question

How do you spell koala?

Koala is spelt koala.

What enabled Greeks to interact with other people and cultures?

Trade enabled Greeks to interact with other people and cultures.

What cards are in a Des koala deck list?

Koala Monsters:Big KoalaBloodsucking KoalaDes KoalaKoala-Otter KoalaSea KoalaKoala Support:Des KangarooMaster of OzTree OtterFor more information concerning the "Koala" Archetype, click on the "Related Link" below.

How do humans interact living in Australia?

In the same ways people interact elsewhere

Are koala bears friendly?

A koala is more sleepy than friendly. They are generally nervous around people unless they have been trained.

How do you convince your parents to get you a koala bear?

You can't get an alive Koala bear. They are a wild animal and aren't sold to people. Get one that is stuffed.

What is used to interact and relate to people?

People use culture cues to interact and relate to people. They can do this using verbal and nonverbal forms of communication.

How old is a koala when it has a koala baby?

A male koala can reproduce once he is three to four year old. A female koala can reproduce once she is two to three years old. Please note that koalas are not related to bears, though their appearance makes people assume that they are.

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