How do people on webkinz catch you cheating?

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In Webkinz
if you go to the adoption center
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What are some cheat codes for webkinz?

Webkinz cheat codes are not good. If you do the cheats you will get banned for your entire life.That happened to a friend of mine. She was so upset.Boohoo.

Are there any Webkinz cheats?

No, actually there isn't . Ive been to several Webkinz cheats sites and none of them work.. Here are some names. 1 3 yes but you would be kicked out if you used them

Cheats for Webkinz?

There are no cheats on Webkinz. You will get banned from Webkinz if you try to cheat. crap! . yes there are kinzcash cheats go to w shop and type in FREEBIE IS HERE BYE (not in caps btw)

Can you do a cheat to get exclusive items on Webkinz?

YES! there are ways to get exclusive items on webkinz. you have to go to the w shop and click on whatever u want in the exclusives 100 times. then u go to the wish factory and click the panda as many times as the amount of tokens you have times the amount you needed. 4 example if you had 6 and neede ( Full Answer )

Webkinz kinzcash cheats?

DON'T USE ANY "CHEATS"! Most of these are lies and will get you kicked off webkinz. The only way to get kinzcash is getting it legally.

Are there Webkinz cheats?

yes there is but we can not tell you because we dont want to get punished by webkinz world employees i suggest play the game the right way its more fun DO NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there Webkinz cheats?

yes there are you can get really cool stuff but dont do it i never have but you will get ban for sure if they catch you:(

How do you get Webkinz cheats?

Go on Sign on to webkinz then go straight to the Adoption Center and type in:?gyt6c4$ DOESN'T WORK SCAMMERS (just wanted to say that) I TRIED IT OK For one, Stop giving out cheats, your just going to get there accounts taken. For two, WHOEVER see's this, dont try chea ( Full Answer )

A cheat code for webkinz?

There are no cheat codes on Webkinz. If you use cheat programs they will shut your account down.

What are Webkinz cheats?

There are no cheats in webkinz anymore. They deleted them all so there is no luck. Sorry, and ps, webkinz is stupid.

Is there cheats on Webkinz?

I really don't recommend trying cheats though, because earlier this year, Webkinz found people using cheats and threatened that if anyone continued, they would terminate your account. I doubt they'd catch you, but why take a chance. Play "game of the day" or the last game on the list (can't think of ( Full Answer )

Webkinz cheats for kinzcash?

for 2000 kinzcash, just go to the tournament arena and go to whizkinz. answer six questions and the click the yellow circle with an x lots of times then see your kinzcask grow!!!!

What are some Webkinz cheat codes?

Omg there are no webkinz cheats but if they say a cheat DONT DO IT IT WILL BAN YOU BUT IF YOU WNAT TO GET BANNED FINE GO DO IT sorry caps thank you

Webkinz pet cheats?

if you even try to cheat. YOUR ACCOUNT CAN GET DELETED so dont cheat ok???

What are the cheats for Webkinz?

There are many games on webkinz and many don't have any solved cheats but here a few... Polar Plunge: press down the shift buttons and you go a lot faster. Bannanza: press the space bar on level 5 when the coconut is about to fall (gives you another life) Lily Padz Downpourz: Don't jump on th ( Full Answer )

Is there a cheat for tons of money on webkinz?

no there is not. nobody please cheat on webkinz because you can freezze ur account so be good people and play fair. but t get kinzcash play games and stuff please and thank you . your webkinz deserve a good home. -ganz company ^ Not from Ganz company, Ganz would actually know how to spell f ( Full Answer )

Do you have any webkinz cheat codes?

it would be wrong to tell you but the best one is probably ctrl+m+g but you need to go to your room and also do it right when you enter in your webkinz account.

How do you cheat money on webkinz?

You can't cheat money on Webkinz. But you can get money by playing games, feature codes and selling things. well doou there is one somhow ^^^ It's spelled Dude not doou, and its spelled some how not somhow. Typing in slang is retarted, and it makes you look it, if your going to type dude why not ( Full Answer )

What is a Webkinz Cheat for a Webkinz Token?

Sorry. Although there are Webkinz cheats, since it can get you banned from the game, and illegally gets around that site's terms of use, we won't share any of them here.

What are webkinz cheat code?

Yes there are webkinz cheat codes but i recommend you don't use them because if you are caught they will delete your account. If you still want the codes go to:

Webkinz cheats for exclusive items?

you should not cheat you will get bann and webkinz is harsh they will not give second chances and it ruins the fun for other people

What is the best cheat for Webkinz?

Most people want the pets, and items. So, they make up a cheat that they only know and they ask for other people's account username and password. They say that they're going to get you like a ton of kinzcash, but they mess your account up, and add them to the phone, and they send themselves items. T ( Full Answer )

What are some cheats on Webkinz?

If you are dumb enough to try to cheat on Webkinz, Go ahead. Your not only going to loose your account, but you will not be able to go on Webkinz from that computer anymore. Think to yourself, If you actually love Webkinz, and want to keep your account, Dont cheat,play fair, and follow the rules. ( Full Answer )

This site cheats not webkinz?

look, there are few cheats on webkinz world and they dont work im sorry but you cant cheat i can buy you what you want cuz i have $12000 in webkinz world.

Is there a way to cheat on Webkinz and not get caught?

when you play dr.quack's clinic on webkinz and you lose you don't press try again later. you press the x to get off the game and then a box will pop up and say if you log off now you will have to play in the next 8 hours. you have the choice to press no or press play press play and you can continue ( Full Answer )

Can you give me a Webkinz cheat?

here is a webkinz cheat i learned. go to the wishing well and wish.look at the middle of the square and if there isn't three wishing wells in a row{if your looking for them}hit the gold x at the top of the screen. remember, if you don't hit the x before the first pic settles, it will not work and ta ( Full Answer )

Does Webkinz cheat?

no webkinz does not cheat and its not trying to take away any players from other sites!

Cheat to get exclusive items on Webkinz?

The owners of ganz have this secret email address and if you send them an email naming all of the exclusive items you want, giving them your username and password, they will give you all the items on your list for free! No scam! It really works! Their email is!I got tons of e ( Full Answer )

What are Webkinz kinzcash cheats?

there are cheats, but they will all have risks of getting you banned. So if I were you, I would not try cheats. I know you want to earn kinzcash fast, so you can buy furniture, food, et cetera, but it really is a bad idea. Do you want to lose your webkinz account? I don't think so.

Do Webkinz cheat codes work?

All the ones I have tried do not work but some out there might so for most of them it's a no.

Exclusive items and cheating on webkinz?

cheats: they fix all the cheats a webkinz explores or more than ONE. BUT there are some club house glitches ask me if you want to know some XD

Do the Webkinz adoption cheats Work?

yes they do but you have to get to that one first but some are fake the code must have 8 letters/numbers long hope this helps you

Is it bad to use webkinz cheats?

DUHHHH! you could get banned from webkinz! OMG so don't even try to if it is tempting. plus it could give your computer viruses

Who has a Webkinz cheat?

It is not recommened that you do cheat, You could get baned for ever and you will lose all your pets.