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Basically fat people have snore disease due to throat problem which has blocked the proper air flow. But, in case of others snore problem creates for many reasons like sleep apnea,

alcohol consumption, nasal problems and mouth anatomy.

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Why do thin people snore when they sleep?

Thin people can snore because you do not have to be overweight to have a snoring problem or sleep apnea. One of the reasons a thin person can snore is that there throat opening may be too small, as in my case. Many doctors used to think that you had to be overweight to have apnea, but it is not so.

Can you snore?

Of course, it is possible for anyone to snore. Snoring most commonly occurrs if you are overweight or obese (very overweight). Some people snore because they have a deviated septum or other problem with the nasal passageways. Other people snore because they have allergies. Snoring can be very slight and barely audible. Or, snoring can be so abrupt and loud that it awakens the person who is snoring! Lying on your back increases the chances of snoring. Lying on your side to sleep decreases the chance of snoring.

Why do people snore when they sleep?

Many people snore because they are overweight and the body gets fat on the inside as well as the outside and soft tissues at the back of the nose and mouth become larger and 'flap' against each other as the person breathes in and out.

Can being overweight make you snore more?

I think so because you brath heavier

Is it harmful for a dog to snore?

No, it is not harful for a dog to snore, annoying maybe, but harmful it is not. It is normal for dogs to snore, but in some cases it might be caused by alergies, overweight etc. in those cases you might want to take him to a vet.

Do fat people snore more?

It seems that people who are overweight have a tendency to snore more. This coulbe because of the extra mass that is around the throat, giving an increased likelihood of throat airway obstruction. A good product that can help with snoring is a mouthpeice called a Slumber Guard. You can get them online at

When do people snore?

I cannot believe you asked this question! People obviously snore when asleep!

Why people snore?

Because some people snore because they are tired others snore because of the air passage that is blocking your nose to breathe

What is the definition of snore?

Snore is the sound made while sleeping. Some people snore as they cannot control it.

How can excess weight cause snoring?

Excessive weight. Overweight people are more likely to snore. This is frequently caused by the extra throat and neck tissue they are carrying around.

What causes people to snore when they are not overweight?

It's a myth that over-weight people are the only one's that snore. Men often snore and women snore more during menopause (when periods stop.) Stress can attribute to snoring (when a person isn't in REM sleep.) The other side of the coin is there could be polyps in the nose. Deep snoring is NOT good for anyone! There are good snoring aids at your pharmacist such as the strip (which opens up the nostrils.) If you find this doesn't help then please see your doctor. Good luck

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usually overweight people.

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because they d!(:

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