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How do people use Mount Everest?


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The main use for people on Mount Everest is climbing/mountaineering.


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Mount Everest is used by people for climbing and mountaineering.

People use Mount Everest for climbing

People from all around the world use Mount Everest for mountaineering/climbing.

We use Mount Everest for climbing and mountaineering.

There are lots of languages used on Mount Everest. It depends what countries are there to climb the mountain.

People poo and litter on mount everest

Here in England we call Mount Everest just that......Mount Everest.

Do people live near mount everest

Nearly everybody who lives by Mount Everest survives. The people who live in the surrounding villages are use to the extreme weather in that region.

People go to Mount Everest to climb and try and reach its summit.

23 people have succesfully climed Mount Everest

The people from Tibet know Mount Everest as Chomolungma

People climb Mount Everest for the adventure and challenge.

The people who live in villages in view of Mount Everest are Sherpas.

Thousands of people have lived after climbing Mount Everest.

Use Mount Everest but just take off the Mount Part and use Everest

Around 200 people have died while climbing on Mount Everest

If you mean how many people have climbed to the summit of Mount Everest then this is about five thousand.

The people that climb on Mount Everest come from all over the world.

Many people have climbed the Mount Everest. The first one person to climb the Mount Everest was an Italian climber called Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler. Since then a total of 1500 people have climbed the Mount Everest.

Mount Everest was discovered by a man named Sir George Everest, which is where it gets its name from. People In Nepal call the Mount Everest "Sagarmatha" and people in Tibet call the mountain Chomolangma or Qomolangma

The main activitie done on Mount Everest is climbing/mountaineering.

Sherpa's live in the surrounding villages of Mount Everest.

The Sherpas worship Mount Everest. They are the people who live closes to the mountain.

Many thousands have climbed on Mount Everest.

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