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How do people use electricity?


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February 18, 2013 7:51PM

Electricity is used in an extraordinarily broad variety of ways. It finds application in domestic and commercial settings, as well a strong use in the industrial facilities that support our lifestyles. We use electricity as meanings of gaining on-the-spot access to (electrical) energy that can be changed into mechanical energy by motors. We use electric motors in thousands and thousands of items from tools and machinery to appliances to entertainment equipment. We light the heck out of our world using electric power. It's a huge application.

Electricity is something many of us take for granted. It is "behnid the scenes" in propping up the infrastructure of modern society. We light areas we use. Heat and cool places where we work and live. We ship, store, vend and prepare food with electricity. We work and relax using technology that is electrically powered.

Imagine a world without electricity. Get a small notepad and log each event every day that involves something you did that required electricity. It could be either direct application like lighting a room or working on a computer, or indirect, like using something that was manufactured using electricity. Our lives are powered up either directly or indirectly by electricity. Grabbing a backpack and hiking off into the woods is about the only way to get away from it. Oh, and leave behind all the things that were manufactured using electricity. Like you pack. And your equipment and packaged food and water. And your clothing.