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Pesticides can reach water-bearing aquifers below ground from applications onto crop fields, seepage of contaminated surface water

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Q: How do pesticides contaminate groundwater?
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Will conventional vegetables contaminate organic compost with pesticides?

no The young plants will not contaminate the compost the pesticides that contaminate must be applied after planting.

How can you contaminate the water?

Numerous types of contaminants can threaten drinking water. They include everything from chemicals to pesticides to animal waste to industrial waste injected into the ground. Naturally occurring substances, such as arsenic, radon and fluoride, can also contaminate groundwater.

What is a slogan for groundwater contamination?

Contaminate groundwater today, drink those contaminates tomorrow. Contaminating groundwater is dumb. Keep groundwater clean - for life.

What are the negatives of a Permanent Wood Foundation?

The permanent wood foundation will eventually deteriorate especially when exposed to dampness for an extended period. The pesticides used to preserve the wood will also filtrate and contaminate the groundwater system.

How do chemicals and pesticides get into groundwater supplies?

What whoever you need to tell this to is MOST LIKELY looking for is probably RAIN because it washes the chemicals and pesticides into the groundwater.

Which of these is a disadvantage of using natural gas?

Extraction through fracking can contaminate groundwater

What environmental and social effects occur at each stage of cotton?

Cotton is considered as the dirties crop as it requires many hazardous insecticides and pesticides that harm both human beings and animals while being cultivated. They also contaminate the groundwater through over-use of these chemicals. Cottonseed and field trash is used as animal feed. The pesticides affect the cows and their products.

The DDT problem is a good example of how pesticides can contaminate human health through what?

the food chain

Why must landfill be placed far away from groundwater sources?

So the garbage does not contaminate the water supply

What has contaminated running water and groundwater in some parts of Central Asia?

pesticides and fertilizers

What are two main sources of pollutants that can contaminate groundwater supplies?

Sewage, nitrates from fertilizers, and phosphates all cause groundwater pollution.

Can oil contaminate groundwater?

ground water is considered drinkable. Would you like to add some oil and drink it. Does that answer the question?