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physical changes change the color, shape, or state of matter. chemical change is the change from one substance to another.

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How do physical and chemical changes differ?

A physical change is reversible, however, chemical changes are reversible.

Chemical and physical changes?

Chemical changes is new substances forms with properties that differ from original substance. Physical changes is changes of state

How do chemical changes differ from physical changes?

When matter undergoes a chemical change, the composition of the matter changes. When matter undergoes a physical change, composition of the matter remains the same.

How do chemical changes differ from physical change?

Physical change is the change in which only physical properties changes ,like color, hardness, density etc. Chemical changes affect the composition as well as chemical properties of matter and result in formation of new substance.

What are the chemical and physical changes of photosynthesis?

There are no physical changes. there are only chemical changes.

Similarities of chemical and physical changes?

chemical changes & physical changes they have their same combustion

Are all chemical changes accompanied by physical changes?

Not all chemical changes are accompanied by a visible physical change. Most chemical changes however will be accompanied by a physical change.

How are physical changes and chemical canges similar?

Chemical changes can cause physical changes (IE change color) however physical changes cannot cause chemical changes. Otherwise their is no similarity.

Can chemical or physical changes be reversed?

Physical changes are reversible and chemical changes are too but are very rare.

Why physical changes can be easily reversed by chemical changes cannot?

chemical changes the substance where as physical breaks it down

Chemical changes can be reserved by physical change?

No, chemical changes can only be reversed by chemical means, not by physical means.

Are all physical changes accompanied by a chemical change?

Not all physical changes accompanied by a chemical change. Melting and freezing are two physical changes that are not accompanied by a chemical change.

What are physical and chemical changes?

physical: what changes on the outside chemical:what changes on the outside

How chemical changes are different then physical changes?

chemical changes change the properties of the substance such as burning it.. physical changes dont such as cutting it in half..

How is physical change and chemical change different?

Chemical change changes the chemical arrangement and physical configuration. Physical change changes the physical configuration but not the chemical arrangement, e.g water to steam.

Which occurs more often on earth physical changes or chemical changes?

Chemical changes occur most often. These chemical changes however change many physical objects.

How does physical property differ from chemical?

Physical properties are not related to the chemical reactions or chemical behaviours of the elements.

How are physical and chemical changes different?

chemical change result in new substances, while physical changes do not.

Is physical and chemical changes a scientific method?

Chemical and physical changes are part of methods applied in science.

How can you cause physical change?

Physical changes are changes affecting the form of a chemical substance, but not its chemical composition.

How Are the changes of state a physical changes?

The physical characteristics change, not the chemical.

Is humidity a physical change?

Changes in humidity are physical, NOT chemical, changes.

Can chemical and physical changes be called chemical and physical reactions?

yes it can be called physical and chemical reaction

What are physical and chemical?

physical changes do not change the chemical properties of a substance

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