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With pipelining, the CPU begins executing a second instruction before the first instruction is completed. Pipelining results in faster processing because the CPU does not have to wait for one instruction to complete the machine cycle. The system clock is a small chip that the control unit relies on to synchronize computer operations. The faster the clock, the more instructions the CPU can execute per second. The speed at which a processor executes instructions is called clock speed. Clock speed is measured in megahertz (MHz), which equates to one million ticks of the system clock.

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Q: How do pipelining and the system clock affect processing speed?
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What is pipelining in computers?

Pipelining is based if clock cycles to process a command, in every clock cycle , three or four circuits sat idle, Today these circuts are orginized in a conveyer belt fashoin called pipelining.With pipelining each stage does ots own job with each clock cycle pulse, creating a much more efficient process. The CPU has multiple circuts doing multiple jobs.

What are the factor that determine the processing power of a computer?

clock system

What is Clock rate in router?

Data Generating Capability of a Device is called Clock Rate. If the clock rate is high, the processing will be slow down. If the clock rate is low, the processing will be high.

Difference between Bus Clock and System Clock in Microcontrollers?

Bus Clock is based on the System Clock. In other terms Bus Clock is derived from system Clock. Bus Clock is usually half System Clock. (Busy Clock = System Clock / 2)

What is pipelining in pic microcontroller?

In PIC Microcontroller , During the Fatching of instruction no. 1it needs of one clock cycle, then after for the exicution of instruction no. 1 it reqires one extra clock cycle , but at the same time it fatches inst. no. 2 . Similarly, during the execution time of inst. no. 2 , it fatches inst. no. 3 and so on.In other words we can say that, PIC Microcontroller requires 2 clock cycle at starting the after it requires only one clock pulse. In this way we can say that instruction pipelining is done in PIC microcontroller.

How does system clock speed affect a computer speed?

It doesn't. They are two separate things.

What is clock speed of a computer system?

The clock speed of a computer is the speed at which the CPU (central processing unit) runs, in the older computers it was a maximum of 236 MHz, but now a computer's clock speed can go as fast as 4.0 GHz!

What is the role of a computer's system clock?

To ensure the CPU does not exceed the number of cycles per second it is set to undertake while processing data.

What is the porpose of the central processing unit and system clock?

the CPU is the brains of the computer, the clock gives it a pace to set speed to the CPU processes all the artimetic, floating point etc. operations done by the computer

How does system clock influence the number of instructions?

System clock rate = rate of an electronic pulse used to synchronize processing(Only one action can take place between pulses.)Measured in megahertz (MHz) where 1 MHz = 1 million cycles per second or gigahertz (GHz) where 1 GHz = 1 billion cycles per second.This is what they are talking about if they say a computer is a 2.4 GHz machine. It's clock rate is 2.4 billion cycles per second.Bigger number = faster processingso, the faster the system clock is the more instructions you can perform

Is the system clock is built into an expansion card?

No the system clock is built into the motherboard.

Computers depend on an accurate internal what to allow synchronized processing?


What a tick of system clock equates to?

clock phase

What is the importance of the system clock for the CPU?

The system clock is used to synchronised data transfer at a specific clock pulse in the CPU. A faster system clock means that the number of instructions executed by the CPU per second is higher.

What first DIMM to run synchronized with the system clock?

SDRAM runs synchronized with the system clock

What is the pace of a system clock on a computer measured by?

clock speed

What is the pace of the system clock called?

The pace of the system clock, called the clock speed, is measured by the number of ticks per second. The faster the clock speed, the more instruction the processor can execute per second.

Which bar contains the system clock of a computer?

In Windows, the Task Bar typically contains the system clock.

What is the system clock in the CPU?

The system clock is a very fast and accurate electronic timer used to synchronised data transfer at a specific clock pulse. A faster system clock means that the number of instructions executed by the CPU per second is higher.

What is an internal clock in a video game?

it's a clock that's in the system

What is a clock radio system?

A clock radio system is and alarm clock that has a radio built into it i have one and they are get so you dont have to listen to just beeping all the time it gets annoying...

What is clock system?

the clock on a motherboard ensures that all the devices run in sync

What is 2.30am to be on 24hr clock?

2.30am is 14.30 on 24 hour clock system.

What is off-line processing of files in computer?

Offline processing refers to processes being redirected from the central processing unit cache into the random access memory units. Speed of processing is inversly proportional to the clock speed of the memory bus in the cpu.

Is geforce gtx 295 better than evga geforce gtx480?

No, the Geforce GTX 480 should beat the GTX 295 statistically speaking (although they are close in performance): Geforce GTX 295: -Core Clock: 576 MHz -Shader Clock: 1242 MHz -Memory Clock: 1000 MHz -Processing Cores: 480 Geforce GTX 480: -Core Clock: 700 MHz -Shader Clock: 1401 MHz -Memory Clock: 1848 MHz -Processing Cores: 480