How do pirates sail?

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The same way as everyone else

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Q: How do pirates sail?
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The Pirates of the Caribbean sail which seas?

The Pirates of the Caribbean sail the Caribbean seas, Hence the name Caribbean.

Why do pirates sail at sea?

If they stayed on land they wouldn't be pirates.

Did pirates sail Australian waters?


Why do pirates sail the seven seas?

they sail the seven seas because they want to find gold.

How where vikings like pirates?

because they sail on ships.

Where are the somali pirates?

They sail off the coast of Somalia, Africa.

Why do pirates sail the sea?

They can do what they want, 'cause a pirate is free

How are pirates like?

pirates are like old historic people that used to sail the sea and try to find gold duhhh

What is a boarding axe?

An axe with a spike on the end used by pirates in the age of sail.

What pirates do everyday?

sing,sail,try to find gold,sharpen swords

Did than and now pirates sail the seas?

does past or present have more treasure

What era are pirates found in the most?

There have always been pirates as long as there have been persons that sail the "seven seas". There are pirates today, working off of the coast of Africa and South America.

Do pirates sail in the Caribbean?

In today's time, there are pirates sailing in the Caribbean as well as other oceans and seas. However, they are significantly different than the pirates that sailed in the Caribbean in past centuries.

How many pirates sail ed with Captain Cook to Australia?

twenty peiple sailed with him.

Who is the pirates?

People who sail in ships and steal ship and money etc (sounds like fun)

What is the flag that pirates sail on?

Pirates generally fly their own Jolly Rogers (standards), but occasionally to get close to merchants would fly the flags of many of the naval powers.

What can sail upon the water or be filled with it?

Schooner. You can find the answer yourself by eavesdropping on the pirates in the bomb shop on Windfall Island.

What is the codes for pirates online?

maximum to level 50 with everything all you need is to say lets sail to tortuga

How do you add a flag to sid meier's pirates?

Here is a guide to making flags and sail emblems for Sid Meier's Pirates!

Where to train shooting in Pirates of the Caribbean online?

Sail to devils anvil on the map go into the nearest cave there ask barbosa to teach you

Why was Will Turner not on the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

He killed davy jones so he had to sail on the sea for ten years so he cannot be there

What pirates became pirates for freedom?

all pirates were pirates of freedom. they wanted freedom from their government and to sail were they please. the stole and plundered from harbors and navel ships to damage the government and also benefiting themselves with the loot. to pay for goods they needed, to keep the ship in top fighting shape and to hire more crew members if needed.

What is the cheat code to unlock everything on pirates online?

you defeat any navy soldier. then type in( lets sail to tortuga. you unlock everything)

What approximate number of months would it take to sail without motor from Manila PI to SF CA?

Depends if you are captured by samalian pirates

How do you avoid pirate?

You cant really "avoid" a pirate, but you can have a chance to do that though. Pirates almost never work together unless they are from the same captain or crew. One of the many ways might be if you sail in a area that is highly guarded or sail with warships of you country.