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I think it was because part of our country's system of public education was modeled after puritan schools

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Q: How do puritans ideas continue to affect life in US?
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How did the puritans' religious beliefs affect life and government in new England?

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How do the things you have experienced in your life continue to affect you?

Things we experience in our lives affect how we live in the future since life is a learning process.

Did Puritans choose community life to be close to their church?

Yes, Puritans chose community life to be close to their church.

Do puritans have optimistic view of life?

haha. no

Who did the puritans emphasize?

The Puritans were people who believed in a religion without a lot of ritual and that life should be simple.

Why did the puritans want religious freedom but did not want to grant that freedom to others?

Its because the puritans were not able to accept anyone's beliefs but their own

What where the puritans belifes?

the puritans religious beliefs where they where Catholic but the king did not like his life so he strangled himself the end

What were some of the puritans goals in life?

to work for salvation

Do puritans have an optimistic view on life?

No they have a depressing view

What way of life did the puritans follow?

They follwed God and spent their life doing it

Are Puritans pessimistic or optimistic?

Puritans were generally pessimistic in their worldview, believing in the concept of original sin and emphasizing the idea of predestination. They believed that humans were inherently sinful and that only a select few were chosen by God for salvation, leading to a focus on introspection, self-discipline, and living a morally upright life.

How do the ideas in the Dectaration of Independence affect your life?

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