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the bones in their back legs are adapted for jumping, they push off with their back legs and that uses enough force so they can jump

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How high can wild rabbits jump?

Rabbits can jump as long as 36 inches and higher.

Why can rabbits jump?

The same reason humans can jump: Rabbits have a joint that forms a "knee". Unlike most humans, however, rabbits can jump high and run fast.

Can rabbits jump?

If a hop is considered a jump, yes!

Can a rabbit jump high?

yup rabbits jump high!

Do rabbits like to jump?

to get away they do also they do like to jump

Why do baby bunnies jump?

All rabbits jump! I guess you could say hop too! That is the way rabbits move!

Do rabbits jump?

Obviously yes. -_-

What are things that jump?

Rabbits and people

Do Rabbits always jump forward?

no they can also jump directly up

How tall can rabbits jump?

13 inches

Do kangaroos jump higher than rabbits?

A healthy kangaroo can jump higher than any rabbit. Kangaroos also jump faster and further than rabbits. This is due, in part, to their larger size.

How do rabbits hop fast?

they jump from their hind legs

How high can rabbits jump?

a couple of feet 1.5 meters

How high do domestic rabbits jump?

three feet vertically

Do rabbits have powerful legs?

Yes. Rabbits have very powerful legs. They can jump pretty high and run really fast with them.

How high do rabbits jump?

36 inches or 3 feet high

Can you eat rabbits with fleas?

If you touch a rabbit with fleas they will jump off on you.

What do rabbits do when they are attacked?

They can hop away or jump away or fight for their lives

How high can a lop holland jump?

Well rabbits don't usually have a certain jump height. A rabbit can usually jump 36 inches (3 feet)

Why do baby rabbits jump in the air?

because it means they are happy and have more space

What are some things that hop or jump?

Frogs, kangaroos, rabbits, fleas, etc.

The rabbit jumped into the bushes The dog followed it?

Many rabbits jump into bushes because they live there. Dogs will follow them because they are designed to hunt rabbits.

How high can a rabbit jump?

rabbits are very high jumpers 1 metre at least

If 2 rabbits jump on each other back what is happening?

one is getting raped

What is a rabbits special feature?

They have fur,long legs,big ears and can jump high