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They bark squeal and sound almost like squirls

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โˆ™ 2012-02-27 19:53:03
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Q: How do red pandas communicate?
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How do pandas communicate with other pandas?

they communicate by poopin and pee'in on trees to say,"this is my territory" to other pandas, like dogs doPandas make noises to communicate with other pandas

How do pandas communicate with each other?

pandas communicate by leaving scents

What calls or sounds do the red panda make?

Red pandas are generally quiet creatures, but they use whistling noises to communicate.

Do pandas communicate with each other?

YES! pandas communicate with each other by scratching on trees

What are the kinds of pandas?

There are giant pandas and then the unrelated red pandas.

What is the difference between red pandas and black and white pandas?

red pandas are red and black and white pandas are black and white

Are pandas red?

Some pandas are red.

Are red pandas actually red?

Red pandas are a reddish brown.

Are red pandas a panda at all?

Technically, yes red pandas are pandas. In fact they were the very first pandas. The other pandas were named after it.

Are red pandas rare?

Yea red pandas are one of the most pandas endanger

How do red pandas meet their habitat?

pandas can be red?

Is there such thing as red pandas?

no they are red racoon's not pandas

Are pandas bigger than red pandas?

yes are much much bigger then red pandas but pandas are known better

Do red pandas live with the giant pandas?

No Red Pandas live in North America and Giant Pandas live in Japan or China

What are some biotic factors for red pandas?

Red Pandas

Are red pandas mammals?

Yes, red pandas are mammals.

Are red pandas sexual or asexual?

What the heck are red pandas

Are baby red pandas endangered?

Red pandas are endangered.

Are red pandas mammal?

Yes, red pandas are mammals.

What are pandas species?

red pandas and giant pandas

What is a red pandas favourite food?

Like giant pandas, red pandas primarily eat bamboo.

What type of pandas are red pandas?

Actually, red pandas aren't pandas at all. They are more closely related to small mammals like raccoons and weasels than they are to pandas. They are only named red pandas because they look similar in their markings except that the traditional giant panda is black and a red panda is, well, red.

How are giant pandas and red pandas different?

Giant pandas are closer to the bear family, while the red pandas are closer to the raccoon family.

Where do red pandas live in Sweden?

Red pandas don't live in Sweden. Red pandas live in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Do martens eat red pandas?

Martens eat Red Pandas what im trying to know is how! thier so small and red pandas are kinda big