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Wash the plastic with dishwasher cleanser. If you have a gel, apply it directly. If you have a powder, make a paste and apply. A light stain may come off instantly, or require a few minutes of soak time before you rinse. For a heavy stain, let the plastic sit with the cleanser on it for a couple of hours before rinsing.

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How do you remove tea stain from clothing It didnt come out in wash?

You can remove tea stain from clothing a few different ways. You can try putting some oxy clean on the stain.

Does alcohol stain plastic?

yes isopropyl alcohol stain the plastic? interior of my car (Toyota Fortuner and i can not remove this White like decloration if any body Know how to remove this stain please let me Know i will apreciate it Armando Pérez

Why does Tea stain?

It does

Does tea stain clothes?

Tea does stain clothes. If the stain is recent it should come out in a hot water wash. If the stain has set into the fabric, pretreat it first and it is likely to come out.

How do you remove ink from a shirt?

use vanish and get 2 know ...................i using last 2 yrs on any stain tea ,coffee, ink.....vanish is the best stain remover

What website could you find facts about stain removers?

which group of cleaners is the best tea stain remover? which group of cleaners is the best tea stain remover?

Does caffeine stain your teeth?

Coffee and tea stain your teeth but it is not the caffeine.

Does green tea stain your teeth?


Do you write on tea stained paper before you stain it?

You should write or draw before you stain you paper with tea. That is probably best.

How do you remove lime popsicle stain in my plastic freezer drawer?

try "scrubbing" the area with coarse salt. after that try bleach.

How do you remove mustard stain?

you use stain remover to get the mustard stain out

How do you remove the stain of grease and tea from the cloths?

Try using a stain remover and leave to act for five minutes. Then put it in your washing machine as usual, with all your regular settings, and when it comes out. They should be gone. :)

What will remove copper sulfate stain from porcelain?

what will remove copper sulfate stain in commodes

Why does tea stain mugs?

Tea has a substance called Tanin which stains mugs.

Can you tea stain with any tea?

I think so. But I use Lipton. It is better.

Why does tea stain your teeth more than coffee?

because it contains more stain

What drinks stain your teeth?

A cup of tea

Does green tea stain human teeth?


How do kamias remove stain?

use stain wipes

How do you repair a heat stain on mahogany?

put a tea bag on it then slipt the tea bag and rub in on the stain then put it in the washing machine hope it works

How can you stain teeth?

Cigarettes, coffee, and tea are the main ways people stain their teeth. Certain antibiotics can stain them as well.

Why can citrus fruits remove stain?

yes it can because it has a substance which is sour that can remove the stain of the shirt.

How do you remove tea stains from tea kettle?

Make a thick paste by adding a drop or two of water to baking soda. Use a soft cloth to rub out the stain. This may take several applications.

How do you remove tea stains from cloths?

Tea is a type of stain known as a tannin. They are some of the easiest stains to clean. Just throw the stained clothing into a washer with some detergent, and wash it with hot water.

What is the best way to remove carpet stain?

How to remove a carpet stain would depend upon what the stain is. The best way to remove a red wine stain is actually to pour white wine onto it and then blot it up.