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How do rivers get polluted?

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March 04, 2016 7:18AM
  • Rivers are polluted by people throwing oil and gas into them
  • Rivers get polluted when the factories dump their waste into the rivers.
  • Farmers use weedkiller to kill unnecessary plants that grow in their fields, then this spray goes to the river and pollutes it.
  • Oil spills also causes river pollution.
  • People throw litter in the rivers that may harm the wildlife in the river.
  • Rivers get polluted because people put water back in rivers before it is clean.
  • People use them to dispose of waste such as sewage.
  • Rivers get polluted by the continuous dumping of waste into the rivers. That includes all paper, oil in some cases, toxins dumped by factories, other trash, etc.
  • Oil drips from vehicles onto roadways get washed into waterways by rain.