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Q: How do rotation and revolution explain sunrise and sunset?
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What does the cloud do at sunrise and sunset?

Clouds are not directly affected by sunrise or sunset. Both events are essentially optical perceptions that result from the rotation of the earth, whereas clouds are the result of variations in temperature, wind and moisture essentially independent of the earth's rotation.

Why is sun rise and sunset considered as periodic change?

Sunrise and sunset are considered as periodic changes because they occur every day in a cyclical pattern due to the Earth's rotation on its axis. This rotation causes the sun to appear above the horizon in the morning (sunrise) and then dip below the horizon in the evening (sunset, indicating the end of the day). This daily repetition makes sunrise and sunset a predictable and regular occurrence.

What does the sun do when it rises?

Nothing special. The sun keeps doing what it always does, sunrise & sunset is created by the rotation of the Earth.

Why are there separate time zones?

This is because of the earths rotation. Sunrise and sunset occur at different times in different places

What is 'sunrise sunset' when translated from English to Italian?

Sunrise = Alba, Sunset = tramonto

Is it you can see sunrise and sunset at the same place?

No, it is not possible to see the sunrise and sunset at the same place in a single day. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the Earth's rotation. However, during certain times of the year in polar regions, there may be phenomena like the midnight sun where the sun is visible at midnight, but this is not simultaneous with sunset.

Where is the Sunset Strip Branch in Sunrise located?

The address of the Sunset Strip Branch is: 6600 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, 33313 2852

What time will sunset April 10th 2009 in Florida?

The time of sunrise and sunset is VERY dependent on the position. And Florida is a big state. You can use the Sunrise Sunset calculator at the link below to calculate for yourself the time of sunrise and sunset for your location.

What are some songs with the word 'sunrise' in the title?

Sunrise, Sunset

On which planet would the time between sunrise and sunset be the shortest?

Since every planet has some degree of tilt between its axis of rotation and its orbital plane, every planet has latitudes along which sunset is immediately after sunrise around the days of that planet's solstices.

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