How do satanists sacrifice babies?

Satanists do not sacrifice babies to Satan. It is Devil Worshippers who sacrifice babies, adults, and animals after abusing torturing and raping them.

Satanism can be complex but put in simple terms, LaVeyan Satanism states that you are your own god and should not be beholden to a intangible figure or deity. Within the Satanic commandments, it states not to harm the young. In basic terms Satanism is if somebody is coming at you with a knife intent on killing you, and without doubt you are about to die, you stop that person in the way they intend to stop you in modern terminology "an eye for an eye."

Also another way of looking upon satanism is in the 10 commandments one of the commandments is thou shall not worship graven idols yet in Catholic and Christian "churches" you will find crucifixes and crosses and statues which are all graven idols and satanism just tries to state this as a hypocrisy. Also a hypocrisy is mainstream faith states that "god" or "Jehovah" is around you at all times and Satanism says this is hypocrisy because if "god" is around you at all times then why is it a "sin" not to go to church to pray to him when if he or she is everywhere why can you not pray on a bus or in front of the TV or if you so wish on the toilet.

Devil worship is more to do with the son of Satan the "Antichrist" ascending to earth to bring millenia of hate, anger, pain, evil, and the like only sparing those that shall stand by his side.

I myself have no real religion and I feel that religions should be ideas rather than a belief or a faith as beliefs and faiths can't be changed easily as they have been around a long time but an idea can be changed almost instantly.

The three main religions wrongly purported to be about worship of Satan/Lucifer/the morning star or what ever name you choose - wicca, satanism, and devil worship. The layman's definitions for them are as follows:

Wicca: Worship of the earth and nature.

LaVeyan Satanism: Belief in literal sense that god gave man free will ergo making each man/woman their own god and guide through life

Devil worship: Sacrificial beliefs of bringing the "anti-christ" to human form to rule man in evil and torture through maybe 10,000 years.

These are purely my own thoughts from 20 plus years of studying and researching.