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How do say pepper in Japanese?

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piiman [green pepper]

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What is the word 'pepper' when translated from English to Japanese?

'Pepper' isコショウ (koshou) in Japanese.

How do you say bell pepper in the French language?

To say 'a pepper' is ' un poivron '.

What is Japan's hottest pepper?

This particular powdered pepper is made from a Japanese yellow or "Ogon (golden)" pepper and it is claimed to be 10 times hotter than regular Japanese "Togarashi (red)"pepper. The Ogon pepper is thought to have originated as a yellow hot pepper in Southeast Asia, and its cultivation in Japan was first recorded in the mid-18th century.

How do you say pepper in Chinese?

Pepper is 胡椒 (hu2 jiao1) This is the black peppercorn, so it's pepper as in 'salt and pepper'

How do you say habanero pepper in tagalog?

Habanero Pepper is - Habanero paminta

How do you say happiness in Japanese?

we say 'shiawase' in Japanese.

How do you say editor in Japanese?

how to say "editor" in japanese

How do you say chains in Japanese?

How do you say chains in Japanese?

How do you say old Japanese illustrations in Japanese Thank you in advance?

To say old Japanese illustrations in Japanese, you say "Mukashi no Nihon no irasuto".

Who do you say inside in Japanese?

we say Nakagawa if we want to say inside in Japanese.

How to say telekenisis in japanese-?

To say the word telekinesis in Japanese you say terekineshisu.

How do you say black pepper in spanish?

You say chile negro, but you get a whole other kind of pepper than the little black peppercorns you're used to. You get a dried pasilla pepper instead.

How do you say tennis in Japanese?

To say tennis in Japanese.........テニス

How do you say cricket in japanese?

you say cricket in japanese as クリケット

How Do You Say axe in Japanese?

Ono is how you say axe in Japanese

How do you say melon in Japanese?

メロン is how you say melon in Japanese.

How do you say rex in Japanese?

i dont know how to say it in japanese. :(

How do you say salty in Japanese?

Shiokara is how you say salty in Japanese.

How do you say french fries in Japanese?

フライドポテト is how you say it in japanese'

How do you say red pepper in french?

a red pepper is 'un poivron rouge' in French.

How do you say blue fish in Japanese?

To say blue fish in Japanese you say ブルーフィッシュ.

How do you say goodbye to the Japanese?

TO say goodbye in Japanese, It is sayonara Pronounced SAY- OR- NAR- A

How do you say a in Japanese?

This is no word for a or the in Japanese.

How do you say except in Japanese?

To say except in Japanese you would say __. When you say the word except in Japanese and you want it to mean drop, except, leave out or omit, you would say ___.

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