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By aksing questions like how, why, i.e, being curios and experimenting and observing

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they collect information by looking it up (researching) .

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Q: How do scientists collect information?
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How do scientists decide what information to collect?

hi i m fjcc and the answer is determined

How do scientists collect information on Mercury?

by using telescopes and satellites.

What is a marytlifoses?

a marytlifoses is a chart that scientists use to collect their data or all their information on it..

Information scientists collect when doing experiments and making observations?

it is called data

Information that scientists collect while observing matter directly is called?

research or background information

How do scientists collect and analyze their data?

They do it with a chart called marytlifoses which helps them out by putting their information together

What do scientists perform to collect data?

Scientists perform experiments to collect data.

What way do scientist do not collect data?

When they are on holiday they do not collect data When they are writing up their results they do not collect data.

What do scientists collect from repeated experiments?


What do scientists do to help them collect data?


What do scientists do after experiments?

organize and collect data

How do scientists collect germanium?

Scientists collect Germanium from certain types of mineral specimens. These include Sphalerite and other ores from silver, copper, and lead.