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there mammles kadu.

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how do lions keep warm in winter

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Q: How do sea lions keep warm in the winter?
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What are adaptations of a sea lion?

Sea lions have developed several different adaptations. Sea lions have external ear flaps, a streamlined shape, and sea lions use both front and back flippers to walk or run on land.Sea Lions have strong thick fur to keep it warm

How do sea lions get their blubber?

they get their blubberr from birth to keep them warm while their traveling through cold waters.

What does a dolphin do in winter?

They curl up in a ball and sink to the bottom of the sea to keep warm. The sea bottom is really warm so that is what they do ! They do not do that because they must come to the surface for air!

Why are seals and sea lions warm- blooded?

Yes, sealions are warmblooded. Sea lions are mammals and all mammals are warm blooded. however not only mammals are warm blooded, because birds are not mammals, but they are warm blooded.

Are sea lions more active in warm water or cold water?

Between cold and warm

Why do sea lions have so many coatings of fur?

To stay warm

What describes the winter in the mediterranean sea?

Warm and wet

Coastal areas warmer in winter than inland?

In the winter the sea is warmer than the land. Warm breezes from the sea move towards the land. Areas further from the sea hardly get these warm breezes, and therefore remain cold.

Are sea lions warm or cold blooded?


What are three animals that are warm blooded-live on the land and in the sea and feed their babies with their own milk?

Seals Sea Lions sea otter

How do the sea otters fur keep them warm?

because there fur has blubber in it too keep them warm

If there is no heat how will a snake keep warm?

sea snakes keep warm bu fin layers