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How do solve for differential equation?

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There are many kinds of differential equations and their solutions require different methods.

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Why you solve a differential equation for x?

In its normal form, you do not solve differential equation for x, but for a function of x, usually denoted by y = f(x).

How do you solve differential equations?

I assume that you mean that you are given a differential equation dy/dx and want to solve it. If that is the case, then you would multiply by dx on both sides and then integrate both the left and right sides of the equation.

Why do you need initial condition to solve differential equation?

The solution to a differential equation requires integration. With any integration, there is a constant of integration. This constant can only be found by using additional conditions: initial or boundary.

What are different ways to solve a system of equation?

That depends on what type of equation it is because it could be quadratic, simultaneous, linear, straight line or even differential

How do you solve a differential equation for x?

Another method to solve differential equation is taking y and dy terms on one side, and x and dy terms on other side, then integrating on both sides.This is a general solution. So if we want to particular solution we choose initial conditions.

What is Exact ordinary differential equation?

exact differential equation, is a type of differential equation that can be solved directly with out the use of any other special techniques in the subject. A first order differential equation is called exact differential equation ,if it is the result of a simple differentiation. A exact differential equation the general form P(x,y) y'+Q(x,y)=0Differential equation is a mathematical equation. These equation have some fractions and variables with its derivatives.

What is the difference between an ordinary differential equation and a partial differential equation?

ordinary differential equation is obtained only one independent variable and partial differential equation is obtained more than one variable.

What is the use of differential equation in computer science engineering?

There is no application of differential equation in computer science

What are the use of differential equation in dialy life?

A differential equation is a tool to certains carrers to find and solve all kinds of problems, in my case i'm a civil engineer and i use this tool to solve problems in the area of hidraulics, and in the area of structures. The differencial ecuations have all kinds of uses in the area of engieneering and in other fields too

Applications of laplace transform in engineering?

Laplace transforms to reduce a differential equation to an algebra problem. Engineers often must solve difficult differential equations and this is one nice way of doing it.

How op amp is used in an electronic analog computer to solve a differential equation?

In a computer there are many A/D converters that put analog into digital. This signal is what is usually then led into an op amp which in the right configuration can be designed into an integrator or differentiator which is then used to solve differential equations.

What is the Order of a differential equation?

The order of a differential equation is a highest order of derivative in a differential equation. For example, let us assume a differential expression like this. d2y/dx2 + (dy/dx)3 + 8 = 0 In this differential equation, we are seeing highest derivative (d2y/dx2) and also seeing the highest power i.e 3 but it is power of lower derivative dy/dx. According to the definition of differential equation, we should not consider highest power as order but should consider the highest derivative's power i.e 2 as order of the differential equation. Therefore, the order of the differential equation is second order.

Application of differential equation in chemistry?

The rate at which a chemical process occurs is usually best described as a differential equation.

What has the author George E Forsythe written?

George E. Forsythe has written: 'What is a satisfactory quadratic equation solver?' 'Finite-difference methods for partial differential equations' 'How do you solve a quadratic equation?'

What is differential equation in mathematics?

An equation in terms of functions and its nth-order derivatives. For example, dy/dx = x^2 + y is a differential equation.

What is parabolic heat equation?

The parabolic heat equation is a partial differential equation that models the diffusion of heat (i.e. temperature) through a medium through time. More information, including a spreadsheet to solve the heat equation in Excel, is given at the related link.

Example of total partial and original differential equation?

An ordinary differential equation (ODE) has only derivatives of one variable.

Can you solve for a variable in an equation?

Sure. You can always 'solve for' a variable, and if it happens to be the only variable in the equation, than that's how you solve the equation.

What is the difference between fuzzy differential equation and ordinary differential equation?

fuzzy differential equation (FDEs) taken account the information about the behavior of a dynamical system which is uncertainty in order to obtain a more realistic and flexible model. So, we have r as the fuzzy number in the equation whereas ordinary differential equations do not have the fuzzy number.

Do you answer an equation?

you don't answer an equation, you solve an equation

What is an equation that contains a variable?

It is an equation. It could be an algebraic equation, or a trigonometric equation, a differential equation or whatever, but it is still an equation.

What is the general solution of a differential equation?

It is the solution of a differential equation without there being any restrictions on the variables (No boundary conditions are given). Presence of arbitrary constants indicates a general solution, the number of arbitrary constants depending on the order of the differential equation.

What equation do you get when you solve 2x plus 3y 12 for y?

If you solve such an equation for "y", you get an equation in the slope-intercept form.

What is an Airy equation?

An Airy equation is an equation in mathematics, the simplest second-order linear differential equation with a turning point.

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