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Spiders are frequently camouflaged, and they may hide in burrows or other refuges. Many spiders come out after it gets dark and hide during the daylight hours. Some spiders use brilliant color schemes that may intend for birds and other predators to associate them with poisonous or venomous creatures that warn off predators. So spiders have many passive kinds of protection.

Spiders do not have stingers, but they do have sharp fangs, and almost all spiders have venom. The toxicity of most venoms is too low to bother humans much, but some spiders are dangerous enough to kill humans and even larger animals. Spiders generally prefer not to waste venom biting predators, so they first try to escape and/or make a threat display. If a spider is surprised it may not have time to do anything but bite.

Some tarantulas also can shed hairs that work about like fiberglass insulation to make predators smart and itch. These spiders may make a threat display, scrape off itching hairs and flick them at their enemies, try to run away, and only bite when these methods fail.
Go and find a spider try to attack it , you should see how they protect themselves.

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How do button spiders protect themselves?

spiders protect themselves by flicking there hairs into the persons face and damge them.

How do orb weaving spiders protect themselves?

they eat

How does a trapdoor spiders protect themselves?

They build a home underground to protect them from predators

How do black widow spiders protect themselves?

Black Widow spiders do not aggressively hunt humans, they bite to defend themselves or their eggs.

How do spiders protect themselves against the attacks of their enemies?


How do funnel web spiders protect themselves?

use their poison

Spiders how do they protect themselves?

they bite ppl i dont know helpy ericka out -.- /\/\ =(^.^)=

How do sea spiders protect themselves?

they camouflage beneath rocks and hide among algae

How does a funnel web spider protect itself?

funnel web spiders protect themselves by their big , sharp , poisonous fangs

Why do spiders bite people?

A spider usually bites people because it was scared and/or to defend and protect themselves from harm.

How does zebra spiders protect themselves?

they have eyes that go completly aroud their head so they have an almost 360 view of everything

How does violin spiders protect them selves?

They protect themselves by a chemical smell that they release from their mouths that only other animals and insects can sense. This smell refremes other animals from the spider.

How do tarantulas protect themselves?

Most tarantulas do not have very large mandibles, so they count on their size to deter other spiders and insects.

How do red back spiders defend themselves?

Just like most spiders, they attack in order to defense themselves

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How do spiders protect them selfs?

When you mess with a spider it will bite you and that is how spiders protest them self.

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How did the ancient Chinese protect themselves?

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How do snakes protect themselves from predators?

How the snakes protect themselves is their fangs.

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