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How do strawberry plants reproduce sexually?


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By spreading the seeds from the strawberry, which plant and grow

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plants reproduce sexually

I know that plants reproduce sexually.

No some plants reproduce sexually.

Dadylionstrawberry plants

Sexual reproduction is not a matter of more or less when comparing humans with other living things. Humans reproduce sexually. Most animals reproduce sexually. Many plants reproduce sexually. Some plants and a few animals can reproduce asexually.

Teacup pigs reproduce sexually. All animals reproduce sexually. Only plants have the ability to reproduce asexually.

Some plants reproduce sexually, depending on the type. Plant seeds must grow into plants before they can reproduce.

Most animals and plants reproduce sexually <===;) hellllll yeahhhhhh

Plants can reproduce either sexually or asexually. Most plants reproduce sexually through pollination, which is done by insects that drink the plants nectar.

Most of the plants have the ability to reproduce asexually as well as sexually but animals generally reproduce sexually only

Every living thing reproduces. Plants can reproduce sexually or asexually. Sexually by means of pollen and eggs, asexually by cloning.

Plants use pollen to sexually reproduce.

Sunflowers produce sexually, as do most flowering plants.

Sexually. The plants have flowers that are pollenated, usually by bees.

All mammals reproduce sexually. Pretty much all vertebrates (fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians) reproduce sexually. Only some bacteria, some plants, fungi reproduce asexually.

There are many organisms that can reproduce sexually and asexually for example roses, orhids and spider plants

They reproduce sexually. Asexual reproduction is when an organism can reproduce without having a mate. Generally, the only types of organisms that can reproduce asexually are plants and bacteria.

all plants can reproduce asexually though most reproduce sexually as well.

Asexually. When plants reproduce, they don't have sex physically.

As we all know there are single-celled organisms that reproduce by dividing which is a method of asexual reproduction and there are many-celled organisms such as plants(not all plants reproduce sexually) and animals that can reproduce sexually like tigers, loins, humans , dogs , cats , etc.

Strawberry plants produce runners which grow out from the stem. From the runner a new shoot and root forms which produces a new plant.

Mostly higher plants and animals.

Nonvascular plants do not have seeds. They reproduce sexually and asexually and are the simplest type of plants on land.

SexuallyCheetahs reproduce sexually.

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