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Try asking the question a different way.I have been in the business for a long time and have never heard of substitute plans.

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Q: How do substitute plans for car leases work?
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What are the cheapest price for car leases?

The cheapest prices for car leases can be as low as $129 a month for a new car. In general, a car lease that is under $300 a month is considered to be cheap.

Are car leases subject to bankruptcy laws?


Where can one get information on swapping car leases?

One can get information on swapping car leases from online websites and a few guide books. Edmunds has a few articles on car lease swapping that is worth looking into.

How long do car leases last?

Yes, car leases do come in 3 year terms. I think that a 3 year term is also a good lease price because you do not feel too burdened with a car payment.

Where can one obtain information on car leases?

What Car dot com offers real in depth information on car leasing from the pros to the cons for different types of leases. Also check out Money Supermarket dot com for a complete guide to car leasing and a directory of car leasing providers.

Did da Vinci develop plans for a car?

Yes, the plans did look like a car. He also had plans for a helicopter.

Can you renew a car lease?

Yes, you can certainly renew a car lease. However, it really depends on the leasing agent. For example, Honda does allow for renewed car leases.

What are some car lease companies?

Many car leasing companies are part of the car dealership itself. For example, Markville Toyota internally arranges car leases (eg. for a Toyota Camry).

What is a one word substitute for the framework of a car?


Where can I find the cheapest car lease?

You can information on the cheapest car leases at They tell you everything you need to know about leasing a car. What you need to make sure happens and what you need to watch out for.

Can you trade in your car to get a lease car?

Yes. If it is paid for, it will have a value, though a car lot will probably only give you a percentage. But, leases usually require some cash down, so yes, you can.

Are there any places that have cheap car leases?

There are many retail locations which offer cars for lease. It depends on the manufacturer of the car that you want. So, you will just visit the car company that you want to lease from.

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