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Q: How do teachers unintentionally reinforce assertiveness in boys?
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Do teachers hate boys?

no taechers don't hate boys you know some teachers do

Do most teachers like girls or boys?

It Depends What Teacher It Is, Girl Teachers Like Girls Usually, Boy Teachers Like Boys.

In lessons Why do teachers sit girls next to boys?

teachers sit boys next to girls because it's a fact that girls work better when next to boys and boys work better next to girls

Is it true that boys do a lot worse with female teachers than with male teachers in school subjects?

yes it is true they relate more to male teachers

If there are 15 more girls than boys in the auditorium there are 115 more girls than teachers in the auditorium if there are 404 people in the auditorium how many are girls?

there should be 178 girls 163 boys and and 63 teachers

Are teachers allowed to talk about boys with a girl student?

there isn't a rule that says that

Why does jack command the boys in lord of the flies to dance?

Jack commands the boys to dance as a display of power and control, to assert his dominance and leadership over them. It also serves as a way to reinforce his authority and create a sense of unity and solidarity among the boys in his tribe.

Do teachers call on boys more then girls?

Generally, they are called equally. Obviously, if a class has 34 boys and 3 girls, there will be more boys called on than girls. It depends on the situation.

WHY girls stand faster than boys when teacher enters class?

because girls respects the teachers

Why did the Victorian teachers have boys separate from girls?

In the Victorian era, boys and girls were often separated in education to uphold traditional gender roles and societal expectations. This segregation was believed to prevent distraction and promote discipline among the students. Additionally, the curriculum and teaching methods were tailored differently for boys and girls due to perceived differences in their abilities and future roles in society.

Why do teachers like girls better?

I guess it's because most teachers think that boys are into stuff like sports,fighting and flirting and they think that girls have more time for studies because they have a cute charm that gets to everyone, including teachers.

What has the author Colin Noble written?

Colin Noble has written: 'How to Raise Boys' Achievement (Resource Materials for Teachers)'