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How do the digestive and urinary system work?


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October 07, 2009 8:53PM

I assume you mean work? The digestive system begins with the tongue, it contains saliva which is a weak base acid which helps break down food in conjunction with your teeth and tongue. Once swallowed the food enters the stomach. The stomach contains a strong acid which breaks down food further into a liquid that the stomach lining can absorb. The stomach absorbs some and send the rest into the large intestine which breaks it down more and crushes it into large globules all the while coating it with a enzyme to break it down and make it more soluable for the small intestine to pass easier. Once in the small intestine it passes through into the rectal cavity where we pass it as feces.

Alternately. If the food is a liquid it travels into the kidneys where it is stripped of most harmful substances. It bypasses the intestinal tract and goes directly into the urinary bladder to be excreated.