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Various cycles are used to obtain individual gases. Zeolites are used with compressed air streams to selectively remove water vapor, concentrate nitrogen, concentrate oxygen (and argon). For larger industrial processes, air is compressed to very high pressures, allowed to cool to ambient temperature, then the pressure is rapidly dropped. The gases liquify (or freeze into "snow"), and can be separated by boiling point (among other things) as needed.

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Gases get into the air through natural processes like volcanic eruptions, plant respiration, and ocean emissions, as well as human activities such as burning fossil fuels and industrial processes. These gases then mix in the atmosphere and contribute to the composition of the air we breathe.

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basicly to breathe, to give carbon dioxide to plants, or else we wouldn't survive..... if we didn't have any trees, all organisms would die... and if we didn't have organisms we would starve and extinction would happen with the animals.... if we didnt have tress we would die.

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Polluted Gases

Power plants burning coal and cars burning fuel eject there waste into the air.

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Q: How do the gases get into air?
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If the gases weren't in the air would we die?

Yes. The gases ARE the air.

Why do noble gases in balloon float in air?

Noble gases are lighter than air. Hence balloons filled with noble gases will float in air.

Why are thedifferent gases in air important to life on earth?

Without different gases there will be no air, if there is air, how can oxygen travel?

What are atmosphere gases?

atmosphere gases are made of air

What is a word for water or air dirty with gases or chemicals?

Water or air dirty with gases or chemicals is polluted water or air.

What does liquid air look like?

Liquid air appears colorless and transparent, much like water when it is in its liquid state. It can sometimes form a misty appearance due to the rapid evaporation of nitrogen and oxygen gases from its surface.

Which gases present in air?

The main gases present in air are nitrogen (about 78%), oxygen (about 21%), argon (about 0.9%), and carbon dioxide (about 0.04%). There are also trace amounts of other gases such as neon, helium, methane, krypton, and hydrogen.

Is there something that is magnetic on air?

Gases, and so air which is a mixture of gases (at normal temperature and pressure) are not magnetic.

What layer of the atmosphere has layered gases and thin air?

The atmosphere has layered gases. It also has thin air.

How do you remove some of the gases in air?

It depends on what gases you are talking about and how much air. But generally you could submit the given air to extremly low temperatures which would cause these "gases" to turn to a liquid.

Where do you find these gases?

in a air