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How do the muscular and skeletal systems work together?



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The skeleton is a frame. The muscles are attached to the frame by tendons. We flex out muscles and it moves our frame. Each part of the body that moves is controlled by the muscle above it. For example: when you flex your fingers it is controlled by the muscles in your hands, your hands are controlled by the muscles in your forearms, you forearms are controlled by the muscles in your upper arms and so on.

The muscular system supports and protects skeletal bones just like the skeletal bones support and protect the internal organs along with the muscular system. Tendons connect muscles to bone and ligaments connect bones to bones.

The skeletal system provides a series of rigid levers and various more complex structures throughout the body, while the muscular system applies force on these structures, by pulling on tendons. There are a variety of other connective tissues in the system, but I am fairly certain tendons are the ones connecting muscle to bone. A muscle can oly compress (pull) and decompress (relax), so without any bone it is reduced to a twitching mass of nothing-useful. On the other hand, bone itself is rigid and can not cause any significant force itself. Between the two systems, there is a usable model, with things that pull and things to pull on.

they both allow the body to frame itor move and protect the organs
The muscles contract or relax to create movement of the bones.... have you graduated 5th grade?

  • The muscles in her leg relax and contract to move the bones.

The muscles insert themselves on the surface of the bones, efectively joining said bones. Then when the muscles contracts, the bones HAVE to get closer to each other, that's where the articulations come in: they serve as pivot points the bones can use as support for the movement.

They work together, with the muscles contracting and pulling on tendons attached to bones, therefore pulling or pushing the bones to create movement.
They control movement of the body together The muscular system and the skeletal system work together to provide support and movement for the body.
Your muscles are connected to your bones by a material called cartilage. Cartilage is an extremely strong material that is impossible to tear. Think if cartilage as the glue from a hot glue gun.(It's even stronger than that) - That probably answers only part of the question. -
They both help work together for the movement and protection of the human body When the muscles contract, they pull on the bones they are attached to, moving the bone. Muscles can only contract, not push, so to move the bone the other way, another muscle contracts, to pull the bone. Muscles generally work in pairs. The skeletal system provides a frame for your body and the mucscular moves that frame.