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How does Zeus help in the modern world?

Zeus helps in the modern world because he teaches young kids like me not to mess with people or things.

How does Zeus connect to today's society?

Zeus has effected our society by manufactures and Commericals showing allusions toward Zeus

What was the height of Zeus temple?

It depends on which temple to Zeus you refer to.

Where was the statue of Zeus built in the modern days?

The statue of zeus was built at pelonnesus (modern Greece)

How did Zeus influence society at the time?

Zeus was a very powerful god.

Is Zeus omnipotent?

Yes, as ancient Greek and Roman literature refer to Zeus as omnipotent and as the "Father Omnipotent".

Who plays Zeus?

Zeus is not a movie character, it is a greek deity. So, nobody played Zeus. But if you refer to Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief (movie), SEAN BEAN played Zeus.

What is the modern day connection of Zeus?

the olympics

Does Zeus influence society today?

Given that Zeus is a figure of mythology and is not real, his influence is limited. That said, he may have some influence depending on whether or not there are any people left who actively worship him.

What is the word for believing in Zeus?

There is no specific term that people commonly use to refer to a believer in the Greek Pantheon. The words "polytheist" and "pagan" are used, but these words are imprecise and refer to any multi-divinity pantheon.

What is some modern object in Zeus?

The animal of the United States, the eagle, was Zeus' animal also.

Who was a child of Zeus born after 1945?

There is no child of Zeus born in the mythology of Greece in the modern age.

Who is a modern contrast to Zeus?

There is no modern contrast or indeed any ancient contrast.

What Was Zeus' Greek Society?

zeus is god of the sky he could control weather such as storms,floods,ect.

How you write Zeus in greek alphabet?

Zeus = Ζεύςbut in genitive becomes Διός.From the genitive derives a second type or nominative Δίας.So you can refer to Zeus either as Ζεύς or Δίας.

Modern day connections to Zeus?

the king of the land.

What are some modern day allusions that the greek god Zeus relates to?

Some of the modern day allusions that the Greek god Zeus relates to an elderly man with with beards.

What society was Zeus from?

Do u mean religion? if u do then its greek

Why is Zeus important to the Greek society?

Because he was the God of gods.

What is the modern allusion to Zeus?

A modern illusion to Zeus could be any ad involving a cliff and stormy clouds with lightning flashing. This is a common motif in car commercials to show "godly" power, and it proves a tribute to Zeus and his thunderbolts.

What role did Zeus play in the Greek society?

zeus is the god of the sky. he coould control the weather such as storms, floods, etc.

Why was Zeus so angry with posiden?

In what myth to which you refer? There was no fury between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, they kept the sea, heavens, and underworld divided between them.

Why did people worship the god Zeus?

How did the Greek worship Zeus

Why did people fear Zeus?

Because people thought that Zeus might throw lightning bolt at them.

What did the ancient Greeks pray to Zeus about?

People in Ancient Greece prayed to many gods depending on their needs. For Zeus, it might be a strong wind to help sail a boat, or a modern day example: a good airplane flight.