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Q: How do the syntax and rhetorical features that Jefferson uses in the first sentence of the second paragraph contribute to the persuasiveness of the document?
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How does the use of the rhetorical question "Are such numbers fanciful" in paragraph 3 contribute to an understanding of the author's purpose?


What are rhetorical acts of a paragraph?

Rhetorical acts in paragraphs are acknowledgment of sources. It is when you cite your sources in the paragraph along with citing them at the end.

What could you start an intro paragraph with?

A rhetorical question.

Which rhetorical strategy is most apparently in Paragraph III?


How does the use of parallelism serve Kincaid's rhetorical purpose in the first paragraph?

Kincaid's use of parallelism in the first paragraph emphasizes the repetitive nature of the colonial influence on Antigua. By listing the various aspects of the island that were impacted by colonization in a similar structure, she highlights the pervasive and systematic nature of this influence, effectively setting the tone for the rest of the essay.

What theme about government does Jefferson communicate in the second paragraph?

Jefferson is

What is the dominant rhetorical strategy Douglass uses in the third paragraph to achieve his purpose?


Which rhetorical device is not used or used less than others in paragraph IV?

The rhetorical device that is not used or used less than others in paragraph IV is repetition. This device involves repeating specific words, phrases, or ideas to emphasize a point, but paragraph IV may not feature this kind of repetition prominently.

What is the primary rhetorical device Lincoln uses in paragraph six to unify and heal the nation?

Emotional Appeal

What is Jefferson proclaiming in the 2nd-4th paragraph in the declaration of independence?


What does Jefferson do to prove his point (end of the 2ND paragraph of the Declaration of Independence?


What are some types of support for a persuasive paragraph?

quotes, citations, anecdotes, rhetorical questions, facts, statistics and that's just some.