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The Congress proposes bills that need to be signed into effect by the President. The President can either sign the bill into law or veto the bill. If the President vetoes the bill, Congress has a chance to override the veto and make the bill into law. The Judiciary branch can rule a law unconstitutional and thus render it useless.

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Q: How do the three branches check?
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Why do you think the government has three branches?

The United States government has three branches because the Founding Fathers believed the branches would check and balance each other.

What establishes 3 branches of government?

The Constitution established three branches of government for a check and balance system.

What was the whole idea of the Three Branches of Government?

The purpose was to keep the other two branches in check. This way all branches have the same amount of power and cant take over the U.S.

What is the term for the split authority among the three branches of government?

I think it's check and balance

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal?

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal government.

What are the three branches all about?

the three branches are all about ogranization, power.

The three branches of government are who?

The three branches are executive, legislative, judicial.

What is the name of the system that gives all three branches of the government the power to check one another?

checks and balances

How would you use Checks and Balances in a sentence?

Checks and balances is used to by the three branches to check on each other.

How do branches check other branches?

hit them down

What are the three branches and who is in them at the national level?

the three branches are the executive, legislative, and judicial. The president is in the national level of the branches

How many branches in the us?

Three branches