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the tube feet of an echinoderm helps the animal, by making it move!. hope this helped.

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How does an echinoderm use its tube feet?

for attachment

How does a echinoderm use its tube feet?

for attachment

What does an echinoderm use its tube feet?

To move around

Does an echinoderm have tube feet?

Yes echinoderms have that internal hydrological system that lets them run their tube feet.

What are two ways you could identify an animal as an echinoderm?

Two ways you could identify an animal as an echinoderm would include five part radial symmetry and tube feet. Most of the animals also have skin that is spiny.

What functions do tube feet serve in an echinoderm?

Same as your feet: for traveling around.

What part of an echinoderm is the tube feet?

It helps it move from place to place! :)

What functions do tube feet serve in a echinoderm such as a sea star?

Some functions of the tube feet would be for movement, food, etc.

What is an ambulacrum?

An ambulacrum is a row of pores of an echinoderm for the protrusion of appendages such as tube feet.

What is the organ for breathing of echinoderms?

On the ventral side of an echinoderm (say, a sea star, for example) there are hundreds of tiny feet arranged into rows on each appendage. These are called tube feet. By varying the internal water pressure, the echinoderm can extend and contract its tube feet for locomotion, food collection, and respiration

What are the features of Echinoderm?

Echinoderms have tube feet, with the exception of urchins, which have spines. They are invertebrates. They also have no organs or eyes.

What do echinoderms use for movement?

Echinoderms, such as seastars and sea urchins, use their tube feet to move. Tube feet have suction discs which allows the echinoderm to crawl or stick to various surfaces.

What is the function of the tube feet in echinoderms?

The tube feet help them to move and feed

A vertebrates animals that has tube feet spines and arms that extend out from the body?

No, vertebrates are animals that have spinal columns. You are describing an echinoderm, which is an invertebrate.

How does the water vascular system help a starfish move around?

it has many lateral poles witch branch off into each radial canal at the end of the tube feet. the tube feet an animal move

How many appendages does an echinoderm have?

Echinoderms display penitential symmetry and therefore have 5 arms but each arm has many many tube feet.

Act like strong suction cups and help the animal move feed get oxygen and dispose of waste?

Its tube feet

Which animal use tube feet for locomotion is?

star fish

What functions do tube feet serve in an echinoderm such as a sea star?

Brittle stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers are four types of functions echinoderms..

What is definition of starfish?

A marine echinoderm with five or more radiating arms. The undersides of the arms bear tube feet for locomotion and, in predatory species, for opening the shells of mollusks.

What animal has tube feet?

tube feet are most common in echinoderms. this is a phylum which includes animals such as sea stars and sea urchins. echinoderms control much of the movement of their tube feet using their water vascular system.

What animal has five arms ant hundreds of tube feet?

a starfish (Echinodermata)

What kind of anmail is a echinoderm?

Echinoderms are a group of marine invertebrate animals .They possess spines on skin , tube feet , and water vascular system . Star fish is well known example .

What are the two different roles of tube feet in the echinoderm?

it helps in: >movement; to coordinate locomotion, to grip on substrate to withstand pressure, and act as sense organs that response to variation within the environment. >feeding; it helps trap its prey, and with the help of the cilia it carries food to its mouth.

How do tube feet help sea stars obtain food?

Tube feet are used for movement of the sea star. When to obtain food they can use there tube feet to lead the to there prey but actually insert there stomachs into there prey to digest them

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