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when the winds eventually blow over the land, they moderate the temperature of the air over the land.

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Q: How do the winds and the ocean distribute heat on the earths surface?
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What is a primary cause for surface winds on earth?

A primary cause for surface winds on the earth is the Earths Rotation.

What are high winds a result of?

high winds are normally caused by the unequal heating of the earths surface.

Do ocean waters and winds help to distribute the suns heat?

Yes, that's exactly what they do.

Does the ocean currents begins in the ocean?

Surface current are formed by surface winds (not in the ocean) but deep ocean currents are affected by thermohaline circulation (in the ocean).

What happens to the amplitude of a wave as strong winds blow it over the ocean's surface?

The amplitude is increased by strong surface winds.

The formation of winds on earths surface is most influenced by?

by the sun

Why are the paths of the surface planetary winds curved due to earths?


Most surface ocean current are due to?


What Surface ocean currents are primarily formed by?


What are surface ocean currents primarily formed by?


How are global winds related to surface ocean currents?

Global winds drag on the ocean's surface causing it to move and build up in the direction the wind is blowing.

What is global winds that blow constantly from the same direction and cover a large part of earths surface?

Prevailing winds.

Definition of local winds?

Local winds are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area.

Which is a calm area on Earths surface where warm air rises?

trade winds

What are quick moving winds that flow high above earths surface?


Currents in the ocean are caused by winds are called what?

Surface currents

What creates winds in the atmosphere and therefore currents in the ocean?

The ocean stores huge quantities of energy . This energy and the heat exchange between the ocean and atmosphere drives the winds and atmospheric circulation around the world. These winds drive ocean surface currents.

What is the primary driving force of surface ocean currents?

global winds

Surface water moved by winds results in ocean currents?


How do coriolis effects relates to winds and ocean currents?

Surface current

How are heat and moisture distributed around earth?

Ocean currents as well as winds distribute heat and moisture around the earth. Winds can bring in cold fronts or warm fronts.

What are the three factors that affect surface ocean currents?

Continental deflections,the Coriolis effect and global winds all effect surface ocean currents.

Two ways in which heat is transported in the biosphere?

well, one way that heat is transported in the biosphere is the unequal heating of the Earths Surface drives winds and ocean currents, which transport throughout the biosphere.

What are the bands of high speed winds about ten kilometers above earths surface are the?

The jet stream

Do surface water moved by winds result in ocean currents?

English channel