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Q: How do titration differ in the industries and school?
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Why do health industries use titration?

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What is different to a titration done in school to one done in industry?

the titration done in the industry is usually automated whereas the titration performed at school is manual (done by hand).

Why is titration used in wine industries?

Most commonly to determine free and bound sulphur dioxide as well as titratable acidity.

Why does the significance level differ among industries?

Safety issue.

Why does significance level differ among industries?

Safety issue.

How does back titration differ from a direct titration?

direct titration involves the direct and stepwise addition of a standard titrant to the analyte whilst the back titration involves reacting a standard excess titrant wth an analyte solution of an unknown concentration, then reacting the excess (left over) titrant with an analyte of known concentration to determine the concentration of excess titrant.

When was High School of Fashion Industries created?

High School of Fashion Industries was created in 1941.

When was Amaya School of Home Industries created?

Amaya School of Home Industries was created in 1964.

What are some ways in which accounting for health care organizations especially not-for-profit ones tends to differ from accounting in other industries?

accounting for healthcare organizations in not-for-profit ,tend to differ from accounting in other industries.

What are the type of conductometric titration?

types of conductometric titration: acid base titration complexometric titration replacement titration redox titration precipitation titration

What are complexometric titration method?

Direct titration, Indirect titration, back titration, replacement titration and so on

What industries use titration?

Titration is used in heaps of industries. Its used in wineries, dairy farms, mining corporations, cleaning material manufaturers, juce makers, food makers, cosmetic industries, health industries, water plants, paint makers and heaps more. Pretty much any industry that relies on something that has a pH uses titration. Usually it's used as a way to make sure that somehting's pH is sutable for human consumption or for human to be close to. However, it is also used to make sure that products, such a cleaning products, remove bacteria. Cleaning products need to be slightly acidic for these products to work so they titrate to get the right molarity. Sum up, titration is used in pretty much everything. :) Hope that helps everyone.