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no i can't deal with that

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To deal with a 23 year old stepson who is a pathological liar, talk to him. Encourage him to seek counseling.

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

a pathological liar is someone who constantly tells lies.

You can tell that someone is a pathological liar if you catch them in lies often. If you consistently think that someone is lying, this could mean they are a pathological liar.

I can give you a couple. He is a pathological liar. The disease is pathological.

A Chronic liar will lie about everything knowing that it is a lie. A Pathological liar will begin to believe his/her lies are actually the truth

A pathological liar may also be schizophrenic. Both are defects in the brain and schizophrenia may be the cause of pathological lying.

A liar A compulsive liar or a pathological liar. if it's a physiological disorder, a pathological and compulsive lying then the person is a mythomaniac.

Don't date them. You cannot have a good relationship with someone you cannot trust.

Pathological is illness, a compulsive liar feels the urge to lie, it can sort of become an illness because they can't stop themselves.

habitual liar pathological liar chronic liar

Answer You really can't. There can be no trust in a relationship with a pathological liar and trust is an absolute foundation of any long-term relationship.

Let me begin by saying that I'm a pathological liar : P

a cumpulsive liar is a person who lies repeatedly with no belief or personal gain from the lies. A pathological liar is a person who lies repeatedly until they begin to believe their own lies.

Technically a pathological liar is a liar period. You can tell if your husband is a liar by how he communicates - does he try and play the victim all the time? Is he evasive when answering your questions? Does he lay the blame on your to try and wiggle out of situations?

The court thought he was a pathological liar to be able to lie about his wife's death

a liar. Pathological liar or compulsive liar.

Yes, it it fairly common for a pathological liar try to make another person in their lie appear to be the pathological liar. A pathological liar does not like being caught in their lies and may try to set the stage for someone else to take the blame. Some pathological liars believe their own lies and may try to blame someone else for a false statement so that they can continue to believe their own lie.

Compulsive liar. Or pathological liar.

Seek counseling for the person you believe to be a pathological liar. You may not be equipped to make the diagnosis that someone is a pathological liar. Plus, if you are correct in this diagnosis, treatment of such a condition requires professional assistance. If you are unable to afford professional therapy, call a social worker and discuss what social programs are available in your area as nearly all states have social programs available to help with the mental health of their citizens.

Someone who is a pathological liar will like to everyone. They will not stop lying without extensive forms of therapy.

Pathological lying is not amenable to discipline. Your teenager needs professional help.

that's joke , you know it. that's good don't be trapped

The best way to tell if someone is a pathological liar, is to catch them in their lies. If you cant determine that they are a liar, it's best not to trust them until they prove otherwise, to keep yourself from getting hurt.

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