How do tree leaves give us oxygen?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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the leaves got vitamins to be honest i don't know if this is true I'm lying to u because i don't care about you

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Q: How do tree leaves give us oxygen?
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Why do plants need leafs?

yes or they are dead. the leaves give us oxygen. unless if its a new tree plants need leaves

Which tree give us oxygen day and night?


What part of the tree takes in the CO2?

The leaves are the one who get carbon dioxide but, the leaves also make oxygen for us to breathe.

How can reusing paper help the trees?

So we won't have to cut down trees for the leaves, and leaves give us oxygen, and we NEED oxygen!!

What does the rubber tree give us?

It gives us rubber(coming from the name) and oxygen as well as many other trees

How or where does a tree get oxygen to give us?

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and, with the input of energy from sunlight, oxidizes many of the oxygen atoms of the absorbed carbon dioxide to elemental oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere. The carbon and some of the oxygen atoms from the absorbed carbon dioxide are incorporated into the structure of the tree as the tree grows.

How plants help us fight pollution?

Aquatic plants absorb toxic metals and leaves absorb dirty gases.Plants also give us oxygen.

How is deforestation a worldwide issue?

Forests have tree's that give us oxygen and if we cut them down we will get rid of a major percentage of our oxygen plus deforestation leads to an increase of deserts.

What do people use tree for?

Lumber=Jobs Research Grade 6 science. Tree's are used for wood, paper, pencils, etc. Tree's give off oxygen for us to breathe. Without tree's we would not be here since there would be no oxygen

What is trees plantation?

tree plantation is a big area that focuses on planting trees. IT is a good place for the environment and for us because they give out oxygen and we need oxygen to survive.

What do plants give us back when you give them oxygen?

Plants give us oxygen and when we breathe it in we exhale carbon dioxide.

What are some benefits of trees?

Trees are very important. They give us oxygen. Human beings cannot live with out it. They are home to many animals. We get eatables from them. They hold the soil which helps in soil conservation. Paper is also made from it. Some useful medicines are also made from tree leaves. Tree help in bringing the rain. Furniture is also made from tree's wood.