How do two rainbows occur?

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A double rainbow is not unusual but is often too faint to be noticed.

A rainbow is caused by sunlight refracting and reflecting in water droplets. If the light is reflected twice in the droplets, there will be a second rainbow outside the first. It will be fainter and the order of the colors will be reversed.

Whenever you see a rainbow, look carefully to see if there is a second one right above it.

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Q: How do two rainbows occur?
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What part of the world do most rainbows occur?

Rainbows occur all over the world...(:

Where do most rainbows occur?

After a shower

Why are the rainbows are two?

Cause God wanted there to be two rainbows

When during the day are rainbows most likely to occur?

Rainbows most likely occur in mid-day. But the air has to be wet and in the right position.

How often do rainbows occur?

There is no set pattern to how often rainbows occur, however they occur when precipitation falls and there is sun at the same time. -- Rainbows only occur in the early morning and late afternoon. This is because of the angle of the sun reflects off the moisture in the air which acts like a prism.

Are rainbows gases?

No, they aren't. Rainbows occur when lights go through rain droplets, like a prism.

When do circle rainbows happen?

When two rainbows are put together in photoshop.

Why do double rainbows occur?

Well first off, if youre on will always see double rainbows. Usually a unicorn proceeds them.

Why do rainbow occur?

rainbows occar when rain and sun mix together

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Why does the rainbows appears two or three rainbows sometimes?

rainbows are formed because of the scattering of light .......when the sunlight meets the water droplets..scattering of light takes place...this forms a rainbow 2 or 3 rainbows are formed because of the multiple scattering of light

How many rainbows occur every year in the UK?

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