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How do vibrations carry sound through the air?

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How do vibrations carry sound through the air?

Vibrations make compressions and rarefactions in the sorrounding air, so there will be a sound. DAHH

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Do tiny vibrations carry sound through the air?

Vibrations through some medium ARE sound. Vibrations through the air are just one example. The air vibrates and when the vibrations hit human ear drums, they are heard.

Where does sound come from?

Sound comes from vibrations that travel through the air.

How do you explain sound to no hearing voice?

Explain vibrations, which they can feel. Then explain that sound is vibrations carried through the air.

How do you hear the sound coming from a drum?

Through sound waves travelling as vibrations through the air.

How does sound travel through copper?

Sound is basically vibrations perceived to be sound by the cochlea in the ear. These vibrations can move through solid objects and liquids. Sound does not travel in the air; it vibrates the air molecules one after another.

How can sound transfer in liquid?

Same as in the air, through vibrations.

How does sound move through a medium?

Vibrations are carried through the atoms in a structure. When these vibrations travel through air, they are amplified by the ear drum and sensed by nerves as sound.

How do the vibrations of an audio speaker provide sound waves?

The vibrations of the speaker cause vibrations to the air; these vibrations are transmitted as sound waves (the sound waves ARE the vibrations of the air).

How do the vibrations travel through air as a sound wave?

Vibrations of sound (or sound waves) travel through the air via particles. One particle vibrates and then as soon as it touches another it passes on the vibration and so on.

How are sound made?

Simply put, sounds are made through vibrations in the air. We can translate these vibrations into sound because of our ear drums.

How sound is transmitted?

It is transmitted through vibrations in air or any medium.

How does the sound of a banjo travel through the air?

As vibrations, pressure waves.

Does sound waves travel fastest through iron or milk?

Iron. The denser the material, the faster the waves can travel through it, because the vibrations carry faster. In addition, since milk is liquid, the motion of the liquid in response to the sound vibrations through air may absorb some of the waves.

Why does sound travel in vibrations?

Because sounds are formed by vibrations, therefore there is no sound without vibrations. Furthermore, there is no vibrations without air. Consequently, sound needs air to vibrate forming waves of sound.

Does sound travel faster through a solid block of metal or through air?

Sound travels faster through air. Though sound travels farther through solid objects (vibrations), it is faster when traveling through air waves.

Why does sound need air?

Sound needs air because sound is the traveling of vibrations from one atom to another atom. In the vacuum of space, there are no gas particles or atoms for vibrations to travel through, which means there is no sound. Air has atoms in it (oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen atoms for the most part) that vibrations can travel through so we can hear sound so we do not have to press our ears to every object to hear its sound.

Why light can travel trough vacuum but not sound?

This is because sound works through vibrations in the air so when there's no air, no sound, Light does not need this.

A physical property of matter that can be produced by vibrations?

A physical property of matter that can be produced by vibrations is called sound. Sound propagates through a medium such as air or water.

What the ear does?

The ear receives vibrations or sound waves in the air through the ear's opening and down the ear canal. These vibrations strike the eardrum, which then makes vibrations. These vibrations are passed to three bones in the middle ear and into the cochlea, which then translates the vibrations into sound.

What happens to a noise if there is no air?

All noise I is vibrations in the air, and your ears feel these vibrations and translate them into sound. So no air = no sound

What does the eustachain do?

it makes particles that flow through the air and through your ear, it turns them in to vibrations as sound if your spoken to

Why is there no sound in a vaccuum?

sound is created because of vibrations in air. i.e The change of vibrations in air creates sound. In vacuum there is no air. So it is not possible to create sound in vaccum.

How is sound energy delivered to you?

through vibrations in the air, that's why you can't hear in space

Completes the sentence- Sound is caused by the movement of through the air. What movement is sound caused by?


How does a ukulele sound get to our ears?

Like all instruments, the sound vibrations travel through the air to our ear drums.

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