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accidental insurance

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2016-02-29 17:07:53
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Q: How do we get ahold of Union Fidelity Life Insurance to buy accidental policy?
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Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company Accidental Death Insurance policy that I have Need to obtain copy of insurance policy?

Call 1-800-621-0393

How do you get a policy for uflic -30 uflic insurance you do not know what it covers or how to apply for a claim?

How can I get a policy for this UFLIC-30 UFLIC INSURance that I am paying a premium for every month, so that I know what it will cover and how to make a claim??? Union Fidelity Insurance. It's an accidental death policy. Your policy number is on your bank statement. Their phone number is 1-877-590-4694. Prepare to wait on music.

What is UFLIC - 30 insurance?

This is some kind of hospital Stay insurance. I believe valued at 300.00 a day if you are hospitalized for any reason. usually the insurance is advertised by banks. Nope. That's a differant insurance company. This is Union Fidelity Insurance. It's an accidental death policy. Their phone is 1-800-621-0393. Prepare to wait on hold with no music.

Union fidelity life insurance company have a website?

Union fidelity life insurance company500 Virginia drivefort Washington, pa 19034(800) 621-0393

How do you contact Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company about potential retirement benefits?

I was able to track down an old Fidelity Union Insurance policy by contacting Allianz North American Life and Casualty Company at 1(800) 950-5872. Allianz is now the parent Company of the old Fidelity Union Insurance Company. They did direct me to a subsidiary office in Dallas at 1(800) 743-5066 for additional information.

Is there a union fidelity life insurance company in Minneapolis and what is their phone number?

Yes, Union Fidelity Life Insurance 1-800-621-0393 P.O. Box 552 Minneapolis, MN 55440

Does union fidelity cover both accident insurance and life insurance or life insurance only?

yes it do cover life insurance not health insurance.

How can I find out if a letter stating there is unclaimed moneys are held for me from union fidelity life insurance company of new york are legitimate?

How do I trace the original insurance company of union fidelity life if it goes back 45+ years?

You are attempting to locate the union fidelity life insurance co and affiliate of ge which has a premium payment address at po box 960071 Orlando Florida 32896-0071?

yes, i want information on my life insurance policy.

Who bought Union Fidelity Insurance Company?

WE are a subsidiary company of the General Eectric Company (GE).

Does union fidelity have cancer insurance?

I've had one of Union's Cancer policies for about ten years. I'm still paying premiums as of 05-16-09, so I assume my policy is still in effect. Whether they're still selling new policies, I can't confirm.

Does union fidelity life insurance company have a website?

They do not have a website. You will have to call the customer service line in order to get any information that you will need.

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