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water and ice and wind change the mountains by erosion

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Q: How do wind water and ice change the land?
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What is a Erosin?

the wearing away of land or soil by the action of wind, water or ice

How are ice water wind alike?

how is water ,ice,wind, alike

How do glaciers form and change the earth's surface?

by gravity, ice, wind, water

Wind water and ice are causes of?

Wind, ice, and water are the causes of erosion

What are three forces that cause erosion?

The three main forces of erosion are wind, water, and ice, with an assist from gravity.

How does ice and water change the land?

Ice and water changes the land by causing rocks and soil to erode. Both ice and water will create cracks in rock and can even create mountains or river beds.

What are the 4 agents that weather and change the earths surface?

water, ice, wind, and snow.

What can erode soil?

Water, ice, wind, and gravity; the agents of erosion.

What are the causes that affect the shape of the land overtime?

Wind, water, waves, ice, weathering and erosion affect the shape of land over time.

Why is the coast of Alaska ice free in winters?

because the tempurature change from water and land

What are the four major processes that form sedimentary rocks?

wind water ice gravity

What are the factors that causes erosion?

The agents of erosion are water, ice, wind, and gravity.