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Wuss Wuss was a shy albino boy.he was also very heroic and thrustworthy.

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Q: How do wuss wuss look from escape from the last man peak?
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Who is taata in escape to last man peak?

he is the brother of wuss wuss

What is the age of wuss wuss in the book escape to last man peak?


Name the ten children in escape to last man peak?

The ten children in the story 'Escape to Last Man Peak' are : Frankie, Jimmy,Sylvia,Nellie,Pet,Precious,Gerald,Myrna,Wuss Wuss and Pauline by: Pinnochio

What Summary for escape to last man peak chapter 4?

it was when the drummers came to attack them with weapons

Who are all the characters in chapter one of escape to last man peak?

franke, syliva, myrna, nellie, pauline, pet, precious ,jimmy, wuss-wuss ,gerald

What is a wuss?

A wuss is a weak or ineffectual person.

What does wuss mean in German or Yiddish?

Wuss (coward) is der Feiglingin German.

Why was wuss-wuss trustworthy?

Wuss-wuss was trustworthy because he was known for keeping secrets and being loyal to his friends. He had a reputation for being honest and reliable, which earned him the trust of those around him.

What rhymes with wuss?


Why did Clint quit Waterpolo?

Well, there are many theories about this topic. One however, is because he his a wuss....a white wuss.....

Summary of chapter 5 escape to last man peak?

In a short frankie wanted to go and search for jimmy and gerald.wuss-wuss crawled a little way from us, and did not like anyone near him when he was ill, so we left him home alone he was starting down into the ravin, away into the beyond. ''me sure me ' car some'ing little wile-like somebody crying' down in there-''

How do you say wuss in spanish?

a pendejo