How do yak survive in mountains?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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They have long thick fur

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Q: How do yak survive in mountains?
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Is yak a mountain animal?

Yaks prefer grassy plains, they cannot survive in coniferous forests

What does a yak need to survive?


Do Yaks live on mountains?

A Himalayan yak lives in Himalayan mountains.

Does a yak live in the coastal plains?

The Yak is a high altitude dweller and can survive at altitudes of 20,000 feet

What are examples for animals in mountains?

Yak, Puma/Cougar, Ibex

What is a cow like animal that lives in the mountains of Nepal?

A yak

What will happen if a yak is moved to the Arctic?

Because Muskoxen can survive in the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland and Alaska and providing there is grass, herbs and lichens to eat, maybe the Yak could survive

What is the name of the beast used in the North Indian Mountains to carry goods?


What are the adaptation of stag?

habitat;mountains adaptation;a stag lives in mountains and eats snow leopard,mountain goat and wild yak

What climate does a yak live in?

high climate such as mountains,plains, or anything with high elevation

Why yak can't survive in hot climate?

because it just dont that is a part of its nature////

What kinds of animals are found in the rocky mountains?

animals having a cover of fur around their bodies like yak are found in the rocky mountains.