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I just did this over the weekend with my fathers help. The spark plugs are located right on top of the valve cover(whatever you call it) There are 2 coils for the 4 plugs, this is if it is a 4cyl. You simply pull the plugs out one at a time and using an extension on your 5/8 in. ratchet/socket set you can change them very easily, yo will need a 10mm socket to remove the coils to take out the 2nd and 4th spark plug, the recommended gap is .39-.43...took us about 20 mins once we got the right tools for the job...hope this helps...if you have a 6cyl, I can't help you out...

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Q: How do you Change spark plugs for 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?
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How do you change spark plugs for a 2003 Mitsubishi galant spark plugs?

2002 galant , can't find the spark plugs

Changing the spark plugs on a 2006 galant?

how to change number 6 spark plug on a 2006 mitsubishi galant

2003 Mitsubishi Galant es starts right away but then it dies?

It is most likely your spark plugs and or wire set. All of this is easy to change. There is another forum that explains how to change your spark plugs for your Galant.

How do you Change spark plugs for 2005 Mitsubishi galant V6?

You must remove the entire intake manifold for you to have access on the three spark plugs located underneath it. it is advisable that a qualified Mitsubishi technician should do this.

How do you change the spark pugs on a v6 3.0 Mitsubishi galant the rear plugs?

you need to take the intake off to get to the back three plugs...

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant V6?

remove intake manifoled to access back 3 plugs. time consuming but can be done

What causes no spark in plugs on a2000 Mitsubishi Galant?

pcm or crank sencer

How many spark plugs you need for Mitsubishi Galant 2001?

Most had a V-6 under the hod, which would mean 6 spark plugs.

What is the spark plug gap for a 2003 Mitsubishi galant 4-cylinder?

When changing the spark plug gaps it is important to remember the gap size. The gap size for a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant 4 cyl spark plugs is 0.044 inches.

Where are the spark plugs on a 2005 Mitsubishi Galant?

if its got a v-6 in it it has 6, if its a 4 cyl. it has 4

How to change spark plugs on Mitsubishi Galant v4?

there are 4 thick wires right on top o the engine take each out and u will see the plug

Where are the spark plugs on a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant v6 and can you change them without much trouble?

My 2002 Galant has not had spark plugs replaced for over 100k due to where they are. Three are underneath the intake manifold. Yes...intake has to be removed. Not difficult now that I know. Lots of bolts and hoses need to be removed to lift the manifold.

How do you tune up a Mitsubishi Galant?

A tune up for a Mitsubishi Galant can mean several things. But the most common focus is replacing the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, wires and routine maintenance.

Why does your 2002 Mitsubishi Galant stutter after replacing the spark plugs?

make sure the gapping on the plug is correct to what the vehicle needs

Change spark plugs 05 galant?

Its under the piece of plastic on top of the engine.

What parts are needed for tune up on a 2003 Mitsubishi galant?

Spark plugs, wires, air filter, 5 quarts of oil

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES?

Dont you mean where is Jimmy Hoffa, what happens when you fly over the Bermuda Tri-angle?, Who shot kennedyThese are questions easierly answered.Good luck !

What is the gap for spark plugs on 2004 6-cylinder Mitsubishi Galant?


How do you change spark plugs on a 2000 Mitsubishi diamante?

you have to remve the intake manifold

How often to change spark plugs in 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Every 30,000 miles except platinum plugs

What kind of spark plugs are used in a 2001 Mitsubishi galant?

Its best you use the fitted platinum tip ones (no adjustments needed). You can find these at NAPA.

How do you change spark plugs on a Mitsubishi galant 2002 v6?

im sorry to say man, but the other 3 spark plugs u cant find, are under the exaust manifol.. its an $800 tune up for these galants.. sucks but its reality.. good luck..You can have the plugs changed for around $500.00. Been there & done it.

Why are the spark plugs not firing out of the distributor for a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant?

Most likely bad plugs or firing order isn't right, i would start by checking the order you got the plugs and if that's not it check the plug wires.

When do you change your spark plugs?

when do you change spark plugs

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES with a 4-cylinder?

remove the black boot cover, using a deep socket remove the spark plug. all 4 are on top. it is very simple and only taked 10-15 minutes. the 2001 galant does not have spark plug wires like most cars. i replaced mine with PLAT 4+ plugs and cut my gas by 1 tank per week.

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