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Quantitative is basically the numbers and figures of whatever you have done.

Qualitative is the verbal use, so words and descriptions for what you've done.


At school, we did an experiment:

Purpose: to see if you put one hand in cold water and one hand in hot water for 30 seconds and then put them both in tap water, would one be hotter than the other?

So the quantitative results would be what temperature the water was, how much water there was etc.

The qualitative results would be whether you felt the water was hotter or not etc.

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Q: How do you Compare quantitative and qualitative descriptions?
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Compare quantitative and qualitative descriptions?

i dont know... sorry

What are quantitative and qualitative descriptions?

Quantitative descriptions have to do with numbers such as 2 cars ,5 children etc. Qualitative descriptions have to do with characteristics such as the flat ball the red cup etc.

What is a comparison between quantitative and qualitive descriptions?

The comparison of a quantitative and qualitative is that they are both used in any other subject. The difference of a quantitative and qualitative is that a qualitative is that is has letters. A quantitative is that it has numbers.

Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative data?

quantitative = numbers qualitative = not numbers (e.g. gender, state, ...)

How are quantitative and qualitative observations different?

Quantitative observations are measurements, giving numerical answers. Qualitative ones produce simple descriptions, e.g. bubbles.

What are the example of the qualitative?

Qualitative descriptions are generally adjectives like 'cool' or 'hot' whereas quantitative descriptions are values like '35 degrees celsius'.

Difference between quantitative and qualitative test?

Qualitative test represents the substance and a quantitative test shows the amount.First Deals with descriptions, second one with numbers

What is the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative properities?

Qualitative properties describes the physical aspects of an object such as the colour. Quantitative properties describe the numerical aspects of an object. Quantitative descriptions will always have a number in in it.

Is a position in an exams a qualitative or quantitative data?


Is state of residence qualitative or quantitative?

Qualitative 100% its that and not quantitative The variable is qualitative because it is an attribute characteristic.

What is the definition of qualitative and quantitative data?

The way I remember it is that Quantitative data includes quantities... numbers. 3.4 m, or 57 degrees Celsius Qualitative data describes qualities... descriptions. hot, blue, longer.

How are qualitative and quantitative research alike?

For example, in qualitative research you resort to a case study approach, while in quantitative research you may resort to survey method. Quantitative research largely deals with volumes of data collected from primary or secondary sources. Qualitative research will focus on descriptions, contents, views, perspectives and its analysis.

What are Qualitative quantitative aspects?

qualitative = how good something is quantitative= how much of it there is

Is birthday Qualitative or Quantitative?

Date of birth is Qualitative, but age is Quantitative.

The speed of a car in miles per hour is quantitative or qualitative?

It is quantitative because it is numerical

Is color qualitative or quantitative?


Is genotype quantitative or qualitative?


Is a a car license a qualitative or quantitative variable?

Qualitative for a car licenseQualitative for a favorite sportQualitative for a number of brothers

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative forecasting?

what is the difference between qualitative and quantitative

How do you pronounce qualitative and quantitative?


Is reductionism qualitative or quantitative?


Is the students age qualitative or quantitative?

It is quantitative.

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative observations?

Listen to the words qualitative and quantitativeand see the part where it is bold.Qualitative is the way of analysis to a substance through its quality, like reaction to a re-agent etc. (normally chemistry). Quantitative observation however is purely on quantity mass, mass/volume ratio etc. (normally physics).Basically, qualitative observations are descriptions that don't involve numbers or measurements, but, on the other hand, quantitative observations do.

What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative models?

distinguish between qualitative and quantitative model

What is Qualitative and quantitative methods?

They are methods for analysing statistics in which that data are, respectively, qualitative and quantitative.